TOAST Uses Futuristic Elements at ARROW's Smart Shirts Unveil by Ayushman Khurrana

Entertainment | August 17, 2016 | News

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Arvind Lifestyle Brands and ARROW announced the launch of Smart Shirts that claim to be a gadget garment made with 100% cotton. For the occasion, an extravagant launch was designed by TOAST on August 9 at The St. Regis Mumbai

The brief by the client required the agency to highlight the futuristic features of the smart shirt, with emphasis on the NFC (Near Field Communication) Chip used in it. This led to the concept of a ‘Fashion Lab’. 

Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana was brought on board for this event. He demonstrated the features of the NFC chip embedded in the shirt using phone mirroring technology on an LED. The media present at the event was taken through the App and the functions of the smart shirt and its various uses in daily life - making this a unique and experiential event.

Tech Guru, Rajiv Makhni moderated the press conference, where he also did his bit to highlight the product demonstration.

TOAST also brought together industry veterans for a panel discussion on the 'Convergence of Fashion & Technology'. Narendra Kumar (Celebrity Designer), Rajiv Makhni (Gadget Guru), Ami Patel (Celebrity Stylist), Ivan Mehta (Tech Editor, Huffington Post) and Ayushmann Khurrana were brought on-board for a talk on the futuristic amalgamation of tech with fashion.

Futuristic and minimalistic was the key theme that ran across all elements in the event.

Clean white panels with minimal branding highlighted the LED driven stage, which showcased the product visuals and AV for the media. Alongside the stage was a Demo Zone that showcased 6 different features on 6 different shirts. The demo zone was made to look like a lab table with mason jars that held small elements like circuit boards, cuffs, tailoring chalks, scissors, buttons and spools of thread inspired from the fashion and tech space. Phones were placed along with the shirts for the media to have a LIVE demo of the shirt.

On the high-tech event, Anika Goyal, Client Servicing Lead at TOAST said, “We are ecstatic that we were chosen for this launch, we have partnered with Arrow in the past for the 4-in-1 and now being able to launch another futuristic product for Arrow is really a privilege. Arrow team and TOAST team were aligned in the way we imagined the launch and hence it was a seamless execution from concept to the actual event.”

Karan Kapoor, Operations Lead, TOAST added, “It’s always fun to do something creative and we look forward to events that challenge us to create something new and unique. Arvind & Arrow are very close to our hearts, and it’s always and pleasure to work with them.”

ARROW's Smart Shirts were unveiled by Ayushmann Khurrana at an event on August 9 at The St. Regis Mumbai.

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  • TOAST Uses Futuristic Elements at ARROW
  • TOAST Uses Futuristic Elements at ARROW
  • TOAST Uses Futuristic Elements at ARROW
  • TOAST Uses Futuristic Elements at ARROW

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