“Most Powerful Ideas and Content are Media Neutral”: Sumeli Chaterjee, Marketing Head, MTV

Marketing | August 16, 2016 | Interview

MTV India

MTV, the ultimate youth entertainment brand of the country is back with the third edition of its nationwide campus connect program, 'Campus Diaries'. The initiative aims at engaging the brand's target audience in colleges and is yet another interesting addition to the plethora of on-ground campaigns that MTV has launched in recent times. 

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Sumeli Chatterjee, Marketing Head, MTV talks about the third edition of Campus Diaries, the association with Dell for it and the relevance of experiential marketing for the brand.

This is the third edition of Campus Dairies and it comes after the astounding success of its previous two editions. What is the 'new' this edition has to offer to its audiences?

We are really excited for this year's roadmap of Campus Diaries as our first set of videos welcoming Freshers to college through 'first days aren't bad' have crossed 1 million views within a week of its launch. Staying true to the trending topics of the college, Campus Diaries has added new dimensions to content and experiences this year through the year. Video consumption and more importantly video creation has become such an integral part of youth lives. I believe storytelling is a craft that every youngster would have perfected by the time they graduate from colleges, and hence we will be introducing a short-film festival under the banner of Campus Diaries for the first time.

College is the playground for multitaskers and multi-achievers. When one is hard pressed for time and has to multitask every minute of the day, every college devises its own hacks to get stuff done efficiently. We have introduced a section on college hacks and more will be revealed on this soon. Watch out for the space for more details, there is more fun stuff packed this year. 

How many cities and colleges will the program reach out to and how does the main sponsor for this edition - Dell fit in with the initiative's ethos?

The program connects more than 300 colleges across 12 plus cities reaching across 12 million audiences across the year, and we are forever expanding the outreach and engagement across platforms. The program is run by the representatives across the colleges - we call them Campus Bosses as they are truly the boss of the network. They help us understand the uniqueness of their college to bring their college's stories to life and showcase their college's unique talent on the stage of Campus Diaries. 

Dell is a great partner on this initiative and we are absolutely thrilled to have them by our side. Technology and Gadgets are like oxygen on the premises of a college. Therefore, Dell and MTV blends in beautifully to amplify the Campus Diaries network. 

MTV has launched multiple on-ground programs recently- The Junkyard Project, MTV Youth Marketing Forum, Live Concerts etc. How have these events and initiatives helped the brand?

As a brand, our purpose is to fuel pop-culture conversations around youth relevant issues, causes and talent; and we have been trying to create multiple properties that allows us to do this through multiple touch points. For example, Parle MTV Junkyard Project has been launched as an integrated media property in support of Swachch Bharat Initiative. Devised based on the core thought of turning dirty to beauty through art and music, we have managed to clean up more than 300 dumping grounds across the country and turn them into art spaces through street art.

The initiative is also amplified through On-air and Online integrations in MTV Content, vignettes, and a music video with Mika. Any messaging on clean India would have been incomplete without the actual action of cleaning the streets On ground. 

In terms of engaging their target audiences what has helped MTV better ATL marketing or BTL initiatives?

I firmly believe that the most powerful ideas and content are media neutral. Case in point, our voter education initiative Rock the Vote was developed with the core purpose of 'making voting cool', and we tried to integrate every media possible to drive home the messaging. The initiative therefore, married standup comedy on TV with Twitter Townhall with politicians, rock concert at college with cartoons in newspapers, short-films with limited editions of apparel merchandise - all chanting a singular slogan #RockTheVote during the last general elections in India. 

In an exclusive conversation Sumeli Chatterjee, Marketing Head, MTV talks about the third edition of Campus Diaries, their association with Dell for it and the relevance of experiential for the brand.

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