Ex-Viacom18 Jaideep Singh to Lead Global Expansion of Volocity into APAC & Middle East

Industry Watch | August 11, 2016 | News


Jaideep Singh, who conceived, built, and operated Viacom18’s Integrated Network Solutions into a successful multiplatform experiential business in three short years, now joins international creative and brand development company Volocity as Managing Director.  Singh assumes his new role with Volocity as the company embarks on a global expansion into APAC and the Middle East, to guide the company’s entry and growth in new markets.

Singh’s expertise in South Asian territories will be particularly instrumental in the opening of Volocity’s first APAC office, which is scheduled to open in India at the end of this year. As part of Volocity’s global footprint in creative content, Volocity is also preparing to announce their India JV partner soon.

 “My future with Volocity promises an unprecedented opportunity to infuse the media and entertainment ecosystem with a fresh new perspective and performance results,” says Singh

 “Throughout my career, I have gotten to know many companies, and no other can match Volocity’s capacity to deliver campaigns where the content is data-driven, and that are as smart, targeted and meaningful as they are creative and engaging.  It’s an exciting proposition to be able to offer clients the benefits of Volocity’s unique capabilities with total certainty that our work will surpass expectations”, adds Singh.

It is believed that among the unique attributes that attracted Singh to Volocity are the company’s proprietary ideation processes, exclusive existing technologies and their ability to create new tech products, which fuel creative business, content solutions with data-driven storytelling and brand development which achieve measurable, engaging results.

“We are delighted to partner with Jaideep as we expand, strengthen and globalize the Volocity enterprise,” says Ben Johnston, Chief Strategy Officer, Volocity and the founder of JosephMarks.  “Jaideep brings unique and invaluable experience and business acumen to our expansion effort, and is already well-established and widely respected.”

Volocity is an international creative services and brand development company that creates cutting-edge data driven strategies, technology solutions and content to transform brands and deeply engage their audiences, both known and yet to be discovered. 

As part of Volocity’s global footprint in creative content, Volocity is also preparing to announce their India JV partner soon.

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