Creative Factory Executes Breathtaking Projection Mapping on 100 Mt. Tall Surface in Georgia

Industry Watch | August 8, 2016 | News

Creative Factory

Creative Factory, a visual content studio based in Mumbai recently created history in Georgia by executing the largest projection mapping project at The Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi Grand Opening. The overall launch of the hotel was managed by Memories Events Management, UAE, while Showtech, UAE was the light, sound and visual supplier at the event.

Speaking about the brief given for the event, Vibhore Khandelwal, Director, Creative Factory said, “The brief from the client was that since the hotel to be launched played a key role in strengthening relationships between UAE & Georgia, hence, the Projection Mapping should not only showcase the history, art, culture & growth of Georgia but should also showcase the potential of UAE & its development. Interestingly, all of this had to be put together through a story and had to be presented through dynamic visuals. There was a lot of pressure because this was the first time in the history of Georgia that projection mapping of this kind and scale was organized. The event was also special as it was attended by the royal family members of UAE & the Prime Minister of Georgia.

                                                             The hotel during the day

                                                            The hotel during launch event

Sharing the technical challenges of executing such a massive project, Vibhore added, “A lot of thinking and planning went into producing this show. The first logistical challenge was to cover the building and set up up the projectors and it took us 18 days to paste white vinyl on the glass surface of the entire building considering the hotel was about 150 meters tall and we had to project on 100 meter surface. For projector setup, 5 rooms were hired in the opposite Radisson hotel and 19 projectors were stacked in those 5 rooms to project onto the hotel building."

                                                  Vibhore working with his team on the project

He further added, "In terms of creative challenges - the first challenge was that I had no knowledge about the history of Georgia and thus before I could start writing the story line I had to do an extensive research for 2 weeks to understand every aspect of information that had to go into the visual content. Our team in Mumbai worked very hard in making sure that every look & design that we created was authentic. We sketched and even designed multiple looks before we finalized the ones we used. It took 15 artists and 20 nonstop days to produce 5 minutes of the mapping content."


Talking about his other upcoming projects Vibhore elucidates, “Autodesk Annual Conference, Projection Mapping for the New fish Market Launch, Dubai, UAE National Day Projection Mapping on the Presidential Palace, Abu Dhabi, Virasat e Khalsa Museum in Anandpur Saheb Punjab & Golden Temple Plaza, Amritsar are our upcoming projects and we look forward to further push the envelope in projection mapping with our work there as well.”

The overall launch was managed by Memories Events Management, UAE, while Showtech, UAE was the light, sound and visuals supplier at the event.

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