A 'Lord of the Rings' Themed Wedding Invite by Puneet Gupta Invitations!

Weddings | August 2, 2016 | News

Puneet Gupta Invitations

Puneet Gupta designed and produced this invite for a destination wedding of a Malaysian Couple in India. It was a 3-day celebration that included a mehendi, sangeet and wedding. The bride's family was from Malaysia and the groom's from New Zealand and they all came to India for their wedding! The theme of the wedding was Lord of the Rings(LOTR).

After a lot of detailed research,some of the iconic phrases from LOTR were used. Puneet Gupta Invitations had created a text script incorporating LOTR phrases in the invitation and the stationery.

For instance, the text for the Mehndi read "The Beacons of Minas Tirith! The Beacons are lit! The Sisters Manpreet & Amarpeet Gill Call for celebrations as the adventure of a lifetime begins with the Mehndi Of their Sister Harin".

Similarily the wedding page started with, "One does not simply walk down the aisle alone!"

After planning the script for the invitations and the stationery, the design house took elements of LOTR that are symbolic and which reflect the theme of the events in particular. Motifs like the Tree of Gondor, Temptation of the Ring, Water, Middle of the Earth, etc. were used in the imagery. 

For the final look and feel of the invitation, the design house created an old vintage looking book as the invitation box. At first sight, it looks like an old library book, but when you look at the cover upclose, it reads "Harin weds Utsav".

Opening the book reveals old parchment style pages with LOTR inspired graphics and fonts with an ethnic touch that featured henna motifs and wedding symbols. 

Page One was more Indian, and also had a very Kitsch inspired feel; as you flip the pages, you see more LOTR-themed graphics with just the right fusion of both elements, so as not to over-play the theme.

After the last page, the book had a section to hold the wedding  cookies. The cookies were also derived from the motifs used in the book.  The overall color palette was beige, brown, rust, green, gold with hints of indian bright colours like Pink, Orange and Violet.

The book was packed in a handmade paper box cover that had outline drawing of a stylised map of Delhi as an inspiration from the map of Middle of the Earth.

The paper box from the outside just had one phrase form the book in bold. The rest of the stationery followed the same theme  of the invitation using prints of maps, old parchemnt paper and the iconic font styles. The retrun gift favors for the wedding was Lord of the Ring wedding Coasters. The couple wanted to even bid adieu to the guests in style and in sync with the theme.

Puneet Gupta explains, "One of the main concerns while fabricating the box was to make it look like a book from the outside and not at all like a box. We had created some handmade dummies to achieve the right curve on the spine of the box and the right dent of papers from the three sides. After a lot of sampling we finally achieved what we wanted an old looking book with paled out pages. The cover was made in the most authentic looking faux leather finish; since it was for a wedding, real leather was a strictly not allowed. The inside pages had a special abrasive texture treatment to make the motifs more prominent."

"The outer cover of the box was also in a handmade paper that looked a bit more period as compared to fresh paper. The printing on the book cover was in golden ink to add a little element of shine in the invite since it's an invitation for a festivity. We had to work very wisely in terms of avoiding any overplay of the theme elements."




For the final look and feel of the invitation, the design house created an old vintage looking book as the invitation box.

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