#PepsiMoji Goes to College; Executes Impactful Interactive On-Ground Campaign

Marketing | July 19, 2016 | Video Update


Earlier this year Pepsi Co took digital age inspiration to another level and launched an all new range of #PepsiMoji collection so that fans can #SayItWithPepsi. Emoji’s have become more than just icons to serve as a global language. Pepsi India decided to take this to advantage and used the ‘PepsiMoji’ for a fun and impactful on-ground activation in a college campus. 

Think college kids, emojis and Pepsi — all three go well together and it was further proved by this innovative vending machine based on the theme “Jaisa Mood, Waisi Pepsi.” Instead of money, the fans were asked to pick an emoji displayed on the interactive machine’s screen. Based on the mood they picked, they were then asked to perform fun activities like “Do your party dance” or “Bowl and appeal loudly.” On successful completion of the task given, the #PepsiMoji machine would dispense a chilled bottle of the beverage — free of cost, of course. 

Take a look at the official campaign video here:


The interactive #PepsiMoji vending machine had college goers completing tasks based on emojis they picked to get a free bottle of ice-cold Pepsi.

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