Real to Reel Life Anchors Kubra Sait and Meiyang Chang Earn Humongous Praises for Sultan

Entertainment | July 13, 2016 | Interview

Kubra Sait Salman Khan

While the entire world is talking about the thunderous box-office collections of the latest Bollywood flick Sultan, we as part of the Indian events and experiential industry are elated with how livewire Emcee’s Kubra Sait and Meiyang Chang absolutely nailed their parts as sports commentators in the film. 

Rarely does one get a chance to be a part of a big-budgeted Salman Khan film, and to actually be noticed and applauded for your part is a completely different milestone altogether. In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Kubra Sait and Meiyang Chang talk about their experience of working with Salman Khan, their parts in the film and the response they have received. 

“Sultan for me is a personal high because never had I imagined that I would get a chance to use my own voice, my own name, my own identity of what I do in real life and that too in a Yash Raj movie. It just couldn’t have been better.”- comments a thrilled Kubra Sait. 

Talking about the best compliments they have received so far for his role, Meiyang Chang says, “The response has been truly overwhelming as I had no idea that something so small would create such a huge impact. However, the best compliment was when Mini Mathur told me it was a classy and cute performance Coming from her and Kabir Khan it is a big deal for me as she and Hussain Kuwajerwala were my first mentors in the industry.”

Answering the same question, Kubra laughs and jokingly says, “People have been saying all good things about the role and the movie but recently someone said Salman gets to play Sultan but Kubra gets to play Kubra in the movie and I was like Yaay!”

When questioned about her experience of working with Salman Khan for the second time (After Ready in 2011) Kubra adds, ‘’He is a very chilled out person who takes good care of everyone on the sets. He is very hardworking and used to hang around after the shoots making everyone feel so involved and together which is such a good thing. Working alongside him was a really special experience for me.”

Adding to her Chang says, “Salman is very welcoming and accommodating. In fact, he made all of us feel like buddies. I still remember the first day when we had come to shoot for the film, we got a message that Bhai wants to meet everyone for lunch. He is so much fun on the sets, he keeps joking, feeding us with delicious food and his dedication towards the role was something to learn from. Not many people know this but the hook-step in Jag Ghoomiya is not choreographed and is in fact, his own innovation. One day while we are all on the sets he just played the song and went towards the floor and created it. The entire experience with him was a blast.”

So will we see these two shining jewels of the live events industry next in the movies now? Answering this Kubra says, “I have always done what I love doing and after Sultan, I have realized that I like acting and the fact that I can act. So, I am definitely going to meet more casting directors see where things head from there.”

Chang responds to the same by saying, “Having oriental looks has its own advantages and disadvantages as well. Some Cameos make sense and some don’t. Thanks to Sultan, now I know that a role doesn’t have to be big to create an impact on the audience. So whenever something impactful comes my way I will surely do it.” 


In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Kubra Sait and Meiyang Chang talk about their experience of working with Salman Khan, their parts in the film and the response they have received.

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