A Fairytale Setting By Wedding Duo Which Is Straight Out Of A Storybook!

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Wedding Duo

Wedding Duo designed and executed this absolutely gorgeous and stunning Peter Pan themed sundowner luncheon at Radhey Mohan Drive, Chattarpur, New Delhi to celebrate the first birthday of the client's child.

The Tricky Client Brief

According to the agency, the client wanted a simple happy lunch to celebrate the first grandchild in the family but it wasn’t to be a children’s party at all. As tricky as it sounds, the theme was to be child-like and merry but be a very sophisticated affair.

Decor Au Naturel 

Wedding Duo decided against making any structure in an attempt to not take away from the rows of the lovely tall palms and pleasant lawns which were present at the venue.

Wood, glass and jute became the key elements of decor, which were treated in different fashions resonating a feeling of light, subtle charm across the venue.

Given the client's bent towards nature and everything earthy, Wedding Duo used only muslin fabric for draping. The canopy was as open as could be and yet comforting enough giving the feeling of a private soiree.

No piece of furniture reminded us of a tenting set-up! The bar front was covered with jute and strings of cotton balls tied with dried leaves from their lawn while the back carried forward this cotton treatment interspersed between raw wooden planks holding silver sprayed pots of plants and lines of dimmed bulbs.

Bartenders from PCO, a popular restaurant in New Delhi dressed in berets and bowties were stirring up fancy cocktails. By the bar, in front of a little pond that had a little bridge was the DJ console with a wooden dance floor.

The Peter Pan Theme

The Peter Pan theme was showcased through happy quotes that were printed on customised muslin cushions carefully adorning every seating and a further selection sitting pretty in small wooden frames on the dining tables!

The Simple Yet Stunning Entrance

Take a look at this gorgeous installation of logs of varied heights and boxes covered with jute hosting beautiful tulips and carnations!

Through this curved walk created by over twenty garden iron stands, guests were welcomed by hanging baby’s breath in large jars and thematic signage ispired by Peter Pan.

With almost 100 bottles filled with these gorgeous flowers, this dreamy childlike yet thoughtful pathway not only looked absolutely mesmerizing but also helped the agency tin covering a huge expanse of the lawn which they did not wish to use, given the small number of guests attending.

Woody Wonders!

Raw wooden planks in their natural polish finished with a hand of lacquer became the eight tables seating 64 guests. The chairs were enveloped with green creepers to recreate the feel of a sitting in a blooming garden.

Crisp jute runners ran across the tables holding a burst of flowers, white pebbles, jars, candles, gold doilies and mirror boxes.

From the wooden sofas to the handpicked centerpieces such as the chesters, trucks, trolleys and more, the hanging wooden wheel chandeliers, each piece was brought together from different sources to create this album of happiness!


Furnishing Floral Fantasies!

Flowers used on the dining tables were baby’s breath, bachelor button, button daisies and gypsy bringing in colours of white, blue and shades of red wine and violet. Bunched in almost 200 jars across the dining tables, they were placed almost poetically on thin logs. The jars were of varied shapes and sizes treated differently, be it glitter, cotton, lace, jute string or sand.

Each collection on the log was truly an eye catcher weaving its own fairytale.

Giving a personal touch was a ‘family tree’ where pictures of the family and the new born were hung. A vintage looking rug was thrown across with a gramophone, a transistor and other props to give this tree an old world charm telling the tale of this family. Deep green flowering succulent pots wrapped in jute with a small thank you tag were handed over to guests as they left this sundowner luncheon.

The Challenge

Food INC was the caterer for the event and their team a huge kitchen to be able to serve the elaborate menu. Unfortunately this could also not be very far tucked away in a corner hence was built right behind the event very much in the eyes of the guest!

Wedding Duo built a huge wall running approximately 120 feet at a height of 12 feet and carefully draped it with two shades of green imitating the grass and greenery around. Interestingly, one couldn’t even make out that this partition was erected because it camouflaged so beautifully.

Evidently, great thought was given to ensure that guests indulge the child within them. The beauty of this entire event in regards to designing and executing was that despite the huge plethora of varied elements and each element having its own character, they all came together beautifully as one inspiring story book!



A plethora of varied elements, having their own character, came together beautifully in this exceptional design execution.

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  • A Fairytale Setting By Wedding Duo Which Is Straight Out Of A Storybook!
  • A Fairytale Setting By Wedding Duo Which Is Straight Out Of A Storybook!
  • A Fairytale Setting By Wedding Duo Which Is Straight Out Of A Storybook!
  • A Fairytale Setting By Wedding Duo Which Is Straight Out Of A Storybook!
  • A Fairytale Setting By Wedding Duo Which Is Straight Out Of A Storybook!
  • A Fairytale Setting By Wedding Duo Which Is Straight Out Of A Storybook!

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