The Brand Brewery Creates Campaigns for Dalda & Tata Salt @ Puri Rath Yatra

Marketing | July 8, 2016 | Feature

The Brand Brewery Tata Group Dalda Edible Oils

As millions devotees thronged again to Puri this year to participate at the annual Jagannath Rath Yatra that began on July 6, The Brand Brewery (TBB), surprised them by creating two thoroughly engaging campaigns for two of India’s most trusted brands, Dalda and Tata Salt. 

The campaigns carried out for both brands were aimed at facilitating the devotees in their journey to offer their obeisance to their favourite Lord. 

Tata Salt- Sehat ki Chuski

The campaign for Tata Salt aptly christened as ‘Sehat ki Chuski’ was centred around the health of the pilgrims – a hitherto neglected aspect at the Yatra. It is common knowledge that devotees travel from around the world in extreme humidity to witness the procession as a result of which many among them end up severely dehydrated and the lack of drinking water only exacerbates the situation. 

Keeping the premise in mind, TBB conceived a winning idea that catered to more than a whopping 1 lakh pilgrims, and offered a real-time solution to keep them cool and energised during the procession. A dynamic team from Tata Salt was positioned at key touch points of the main yatra route and distributed ‘Energy Pops’ which were special energy ice bars made up of Tata Salt, lemon, sugar and purified water. 

The fact that what looked like a popsicle could contain salt and yet taste so heavenly remained a big talking point for a large section of the pilgrims who were left in wonderment. In addition to being incredibly refreshing, the pops also helped them combat dehydration while replacing the lost salt content, improving water absorption in the body and providing extra vitality and energy. Most importantly, the pops were found to be extremely easy to consume and were tasty too. Multiple customised Tata Salt branded carts undertook the distribution and made the brand one of the most talked about topics at the Yatra. 

Talking about the campaign, Pradyumn Tandon, Founder & Director, TBB said, “We wanted to create something around the occasion that goes beyond mere product sampling. While other aspects are taken care of, the basic health requirements of the devotees have to be looked at. Hence we came up with the idea of ‘Energy Pops’ which would help them maintain their energy levels despite the sweltering heat. People from all parts of the world travel to witness the Rath Yatra and we felt that this was a great way to connect with each devotee in their wish to be a part of this festival and provide an on-the-spot relief solution to make their experience stress free.”

Dalda Divya Darshan:

The campaign for Dalda Edible Oils was aimed at making the Rath Yatra experience all the more special for devotees by helping them get a closer glimpse of their favourite Lord. 

Considering that a massive crowd gathers during the yatra every year, TBB came up with a unique innovation where Dalda bottles were converted into telescopes which could be used by devotees to get a clear darshan of Lord Jagannath from a distance of over 400 to 500 metres. People end up going back home without being able to reach the Rath or see the lord’s idol. The bottles named ‘Divya Darshan’ were given to thousands of happy devotees. This simple innovation brought smile to their faces and ensured a grand darshan of Lord Jagannath
Also as a part of the campaign, sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik much like last year created a life size sand art sculpture of the deity Lord Jagannath at Puri Beach. 

Adding to this year’s innovation, TBB and Dalda carried forward the essence of their previous year campaign at the Rath Yatra called ‘Bhajan Se Bhojan Tak’ which featured Dalda Edible Oils arranging as many as 2,000 specially packaged bottles of prasad for the devotees. The prasad was a mix of uncooked rice and dal sourced from the temple along with nirmalya (dried mahaprasad) packaged in Dalda branded bottles as a souvenir of the yatra. 

Commenting on the Dalda campaign, Pradyumn Tandon said, “At TBB, we always look at engaging people in different and subtle ways that help them experience the uniqueness of a brand. At the Rath Yatra, devotees come from far and wide just to seek darshan of the lord, but often many are left disappointed because there is no way they can cruise through the crowd to reach the Rath. We wanted to be a part of their happy experiences as they get a chance to look at the lord and seek his blessings. This is how the idea of this divine campaign was born. Also, getting Prasad during this time is not easy and we wanted to see the happiness on people’s faces as they got it without much trouble and could carry it for their loved ones too.”

These two immserive campaigns will act as multiple feathers to the golden cap to The Brand Brewery which has recently won a lot of praise for their "Shubh Bhojan Ki Shubh Shuruwat" Campaign at the Simhasth Kumbh in Ujjain. We must say, the battle amongst agencies to rule rural in India just got more interesting.


The agency created immersive campaigns for the brands by facilitating devotees complete their darshan at the yatra.

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