Half A Year Gone By; Here Is Our Pick Of The Most Immersive Experiential Campaigns So Far!

Marketing | July 6, 2016 | Feature

Tata Group The Brand Brewery

2016 has been an exciting year so far for the experiential marketing domain. Up to this point we have seen tremendous creativity in global brand campaigns, right from condom brand Durex branching out ‘lube bouquets’ to Samsung outlining what our future will be in the next 100 years to Giant Tropicana billboards giving away free orange juice. 

The industry has truly never been more exhilarating and as we have entered into the seventh month of the year, it is time for us turn back the clock and have a look at some of the most immersive experiential marketing campaigns across the globe so far. 

1-Tata Salt Shubh Bhojan Ki Shubh Shuruwat at Simhasth Kumbh

The campaign conceptualized and executed by The Brand Brewery aimed at bring back the long lost glory of salt and giving it it’s due place in the traditional Indian thali at Simhastha Kumbh Ujjain. The initiative was spread across 15 Akharas at the mela, involved 35 Tonne Tata Salt and engaged over 50 Lakh devotees. The campaign is one of the best in the rural marketing domain in the past few years.

2- ‘Lucky Man’ vending machine campaign in London

To promote Stan Lee’s new TV show ‘Lucky Man’ on Sky 1 tonight, ‘luck’ vending machines were installed at various areas in London.  Interestingly, this vending machine dispensed almost everything-from chocolate bars to iPads to even £1,000. All passerby’s had to do was tweet a photo of themselves with #TryYourLuck. The campaign was a major success as it inculcated the ethos of the show through the campaign activity and promoted it in the most engaging manner one could think of. 

3- Thai Health Promotion Foundation ‘Message from Your Lungs Campaign’

Multiple brands and agencies have over the year devised innovative campaigns to propagate the cause of Quit Smoking. However, very few of them were as hard hitting as this campaign by BBDO Bangkok. The campaign saw ink being manufactured from the black substance derived from the smoker’s lungs and received worldwide media praise along with a Gold Lotus at Adfest 2016.

4-Tandem Bank London Pub Prank

One thing that surely gets on people’s nerves is bad customer service especially where financial matters are involved. Tandem Bank, London understood this fact well and took the experiential route to highlight the importance of good customer service by creating a prank showing poor service in a pub. The campaign was conceptualized by communication agency Taylor Herring.

5-Heineken The Dilemma Campaign

What would you do if you get just one VIP ticket for your favorite game while watching football with your friends is a tradition for you? Well, Heineken-The Dilemma campaign was built on this premise and nailed it completely in a larger than life way only Heineken can. Have a look at the video below and you will know what we are talking about.

Having seen such amazing experiential campaigns in the first half of the year, we can’t help but be psyched out for what’s in store for rest of the year. However, one thing is for sure that is consumers are in for some more delightful experiences ahead.  


As we enter into the seventh month of 2016, it is time turn back the clock and have a look at some of the most immersive experiential marketing campaigns across the globe so far.

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