AforPineapple Takes Mahindra Mojo Launch to 15 Cities via Video Conferencing

Marketing | June 17, 2016 | News

Mahindra and Mahindra A for Pineapple

Digitization is the new way of life, especially for the target audience of Mahindra Mojo motorcycle - the urban youth. Keeping this in focus, AforPineapple (AFP) executed the launch of the motorcycle simultaneously in 15 locations through video conferencing.

Annu Anand, Director – AforPineapple says “Today’s generation practically live inside their phones and laptops but they also crave for an outdoorsy adventure. Ourconscious attempt was to use this insight and launch the product in the language the youngsters understand and in a medium that is second nature to them.”

The brief to AFP was to come up with a launch idea that touches maximum amount of urban audience, and also encapsulate the brand philosophy of unleashing the wanderlust present inside you. Virtual connectivity is good when it comes to digital seminars but brands seldom use it for product launches. A minor technical snag could blackout an entire region and that would be detrimental to the brand that is yet to start its journey. 

The stage was set for the launch event at Mahindra’s Head office in Mumbai. The top management unveiled the Mahindra Mojo to multiple dealers, local press and customers connected through video conferencing from various locations across the country.

Mojo is about brotherhood, camaraderie and spirit of tribe. Riders set-off on an adventure trail touching all the 15 locations, laterand thus began the brand’s journey into the lives of dealers, customers and general audience. The riders reached different destination every day and handed the baton of brotherhood - Mojo flag – to the dealers. The Mojo Tribe travelled across different terrains touching Central, West, North, South and East Region. The flags were then used to welcome new customer to the mojo brotherhood. 

In an attempt to create story is the two-wheeler category, ‘AFP’ launched the product in 15 different locations in real time using digital connectivity. A great amalgamation of online medium and on-ground experience.

Riders on the newly launched motorcycle also travelled to the different locations and passedon the ‘Mojo Flag’ to the dealers.

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