First Ever ‘Future Trends in Experiential Marketing in India’ Survey Insights To Be Revealed At WOW

Business Events | June 6, 2016 | News

CS Direkt EVENTFAQS WOW Awards 2016

“Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced” - John Keats

The above quote by the acclaimed writer aptly defines the importance of experiences for a human being and it is for the same reason that ‘Experiential’ is turning out to be buzzword of the decade in the modern marketing ecosystem. Truly, we live in an on-demand world today and our culture has developed into one of power-consumers. But what does this mean for event planners? Well, as new technologies and new uses of existing technologies have been evolved, these have impacted and created significant shifts in how people manage, operate, and socially interact with one another.

For an event organizer it isn’t easy to just let go of your lunch speaker, your breakout sessions, and your pipe and drape set up, but WOW Awards and Conventions 2016 is bringing to the event industry, the inspirational story of a future, a future that will be shaped  by its own stakeholders LIVE in action!

EVENTFAQS in partnership with C S Direkt have curated a ‘Future Trends in ExM in India’ survey into the prevalence of experiential marketing amongst industry peers. The survey which features insights from over 50 top brands of the country will provide concrete answers to the most indefinite questions in the brand marketing space: What is the current experiential marketing budget of the top brands of the country? What will it be in the next 2 years? How do brands intend to leverage digital mediums into their events? How will new technology define the future of experiential campaigns? 

However, instead of broadcasting the outcomes, the findings of the survey report will be communicated in unexpected ways and then elaborated by the audience itself. This specially designed session is a unique example of the innovative formats developed by the meeting designers of Mind Meeting from the Netherlands.
Mike Van Der Vijver, co-founder, Mind Meetings, will create for the audience a Meeting Lab, complete with energy-generating interventions in which he will develop and test completely new meeting formats, resulting from a smart mix of our know-how and insights, combined with on-site experimentation.

Speaking about the EXM Survey Session at WOW Sanjeev Pasricha, CEO, CS Direkt said, “Five years ago, for most marketers, their core remit was focused on simply getting the brand out there and raising awareness by handing out samples and promotional vouchers, or pulling off stunts that got people talking. Today, strategy has got far more sophisticated and targeted, with the aim of creating memorable experiences for consumers and giving them the chance to really interact with a brand.”

He adds, “We in the Experiential Industry, need to get a pulse of this shift right, because if we don’t, we will become irrelevant in the market. C S Direkt and EVENTFAQS have specially curated a survey to find out the exact pulse of this shift from top 50 Marketeers of India! These 50 power packs hold 70 percent of India’s BTL Spend. To reveal these findings we have specially created a session at WOW, where you can feel, sense, think, act and relate: The trends of experiential marketing.”

Prepare for an engaging experience at the WOW Awards and Conventions Asia 2016! Find out more details of the Experiential Marketing Summit here

CS Direkt has partnered EVENTFAQS in conducting the first ever ‘Future Trends in ExM in India’ survey which will be revealed LIVE in a session designed by MindMeetings

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