Hitachi Launches New Global Brand Campaign; To Use A Combination Of ATL & BTL For Amplification

Industry Watch | June 1, 2016 | News


Hitachi, Ltd. and Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd have recently announced that the Hitachi Group has launched a new “Global Brand Campaign” that is aligned with the management vision based on the “2018 Mid-term Management Plan” created during the current fiscal year. The new campaign will be rolled out simultaneously in 19 countries through various media channels and the goal of this campaign is to build the brand through collaborative creation with customers and partners.
For three years starting in 2013, concurrently with the 2015 Mid-term Management Plan, Hitachi has been rolling out the Global Brand Campaign, in which it communicates a unified message throughout the world. These activities, which are a first for Hitachi, increase the presence of Hitachi as a global brand, while at the same time supporting the growth of the Social Innovation Business through tie-ins with businesses in various regions.

In the new “Global Brand Campaign,” in order to illustrate Hitachi’s commitment to lead innovations in both society and industry in the IoT era through the Social Innovation Business, the “Hitachi Social Innovation” campaign logo has been created along with the campaign copy “THE FUTURE IS OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS,” embodying Hitachi’s strong determination to achieve the goals of the 2018 Mid-term Management Plan. 

Speaking upon what marketing mediums will be used to amplify the new brand proposition, Yoji Maruo, Head – Corporate Communications Group, Hitachi India said, “For a more efficient approach to our core communication target, we use an integrated approach that combines ATL and BTL. The brand campaign will be promoted by using diversified media vehicles like print, television and outdoor. We will drive focus on web and digital activities. We have launched an exclusive section “Social Innovation Hub”, an internet site that aggregates our activities across the globe and focuses on Social Innovation Business. In addition, Hitachi also plans to organize large scale on-ground events to promote our Social Innovation Business and synergize them with our Global Brand Campaign.

When questioned about the marketing budgets of the new campaign, Yoji stated, “This is a Global Brand Campaign and has been simultaneously launched in 19 countries. We are not in a position to comment on India-specific (or global) budget of the campaign. Media budgets for promotion in India are still under the process of being finalized.”

The newly launched brand communications aims at accelerating collaborative creation to be rolled out simultaneously in 19 countries.

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