“A Good Balance Of 80% ATL And 20% BTL Works For Us”- Saumitra Prasad, Kokuyo Camlin

Marketing | May 18, 2016 | Interview


In the Indian marketing ecosystem history, rarely does one see examples of brands that have developed a long lasting bond with their target audiences solely on the basis of its on-ground initiatives even though they were elaborately present on ATL mediums too. Who could overlook the art competition entry form that came with every Camlin colour set our parents bought for us? Who can forget the funfilled art events Camlin organized in schools? Yes, the memories are vivid and so the connection of the brand with its TG.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Saumitra Prasad, Chief Marketing Officer, Kokuyo Camlin talks about the latest brand campaigns of Camlin, their attempts at rural marketing and the latest on-ground campaigns.

What is the latest brand campaign launched by Kokuyo Camlin and what lead to its conceptualization?

Our most recent campaign has been the Camel Oil Pastel TV campaign. The marketing objective of this campaign to effective communicate the concept of oil pastel which is a special crayon wherein children can create colours by mixing 2 colours, and hence create rich and real life colours. Using the insight that children are always drawn towards magic, a powerful TVC was created with the punch line “mixing ka magic”. The campaign has received very good response with Camel oil pastel achieving a lion’s market share of 80% in the oil pastel category. Whenever the campaign is on air retailers say that they are flooded with children asking for “Magic crayons”.

What is the current market share of Kokuyo Camlin in the overall stationary category?

We cannot reveal the official share but Camlin is the market leader in the all categories of Crayons, Geometry boxes, Mechanical Pencil and all forms of markers.

What steps is Kokuyo Camlin taking to expand its reach in the rural markets of the country? 

We have introduced many low unit price packs in many evolved categories of stationary products like wax crayons, plastic crayons, oil pastels, colour pencils, fragrant glue etc. in order to penetrate rural markets and make non users of these products start using them. Kokuyo Camlin has ensured that there is no dilution in the quality of the products.

We have also started investing in mass media in order to generate awareness of our products in small towns and rural market. 

What works better for your brand ATL or BTL campaigns and why?

I think a good balance for ATL to BTL is 80:20 and that works for our brand. Camlin though historically was under spending on ATL, but now we are spending more ATL as it is a mass medium and amplifies our brand message to a wider audience in a lesser time.

What is the most recent on-ground campaign by Kokuyo Camlin and how successful was it?

One of the most successful recent on-ground campaigns was creating the world’s largest canvas by Camlin – a 7.6km long canvas on the theme of Swacch Bharat wherein more than 3,500 school children and many artists participated. The event was promoted on social media and it was a great example of ATL & BTL integration as it reached 10 lac people on Facebook & 3 crore people on twitter and in fact was no 1 trending news on Twitter India for more than 3 hours. 


In a conversation with EVENTFAQS, Saumitra Prasad,CMO, Kokuyo Camlin talks about the latest brand campaigns of Camlin, their attempts at rural marketing and the latest on-ground campaigns

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