Snapshots from the 'Kankariya and Golchha Wedding' in Raipur by Momentum Group

Weddings | May 11, 2016 | Photo Feature

Momentum Group

Colossal wedding on a cosmic venue, Raipur greens diffused over more than 4.5 lac sq. ft. space experienced 4 days of festivity with 6 ceremonies, an Indian feast and a whole lot of dance. Soumya Kankariya, Daughter of Ashok Kankariya, the Director of Sumeet Group of Companies in Raipur; exchanged vows with Rishabh Golchha of Wallfort Properties on March 5, 2016. 

Being big names in their respective fields, they were hosts to more than 4000 guests. Guests stay was organized in 6 of the finest hotels of Raipur; the Taj, Grand Hyatt and Marriott, to name a few. For efficient movement of these guests, there were more than 200 cars, day and night, made available.  

Here are some interesting sights from the wedding, conceptualized, designed and executed by Momentum Group.


Bohemian-themed Mehendi: The elements used were truly Indian, but in contemporary form. Ten beautifully and differently designed Buddha figures were used in the entire space to make every part of the venue a photo opportunity area with 2 royal horses of 10’ height at the entrance and a life-size elephant covered by mirror chips did add a lot of life to the ambience. A multi-level functional stage was designed and crafted for some mesmerizing performances by family and friends. The stage was designed to look like a Bollywood styled award night.  Maze and bulb effect frame were used to enhance the look of the stage. This creative and unforgettable Boho-themed mehendi created lasting memories for all who were involved in the festivity with its imaginative designs and “free to be me vibe”.

Sangeet: Sibble Farm was bejeweled with 3D mapping on 100 ft wide stage backdrop, SFX Niagara fall. Sparkling silver paired with purple made for a modern, wedding-worthy colour palette. Floral chandeliers with flowing electroplated beads at the entrance gave a glamorous gist to the guest about the eve. Sangeet function comprised of family and friends performances. From musicians, to dancers to singers, to international artist, but to the conscious choice of the family was to stay away from celebs. Unseasonal rains were experienced; the efforts of 15 hours of set up were taken down in 15 mins and brought back to life in just 2 hours as soon as the rain discontinued claims the agency.

Mayera: This meticulous ceremony was inspired by exquisite pearls and jewels; creating an enchanting ambiance. To add more richness to this, flower pastings were done to give it a dreamy effect.

Baraat Swagat: A grand Rajwada style baraat swagat was conceptualized and executed. 200 dancers and musicians at the entrance were choreographed for the Royal Mughal Darbar/ Grand Rajwada styled theme of Barat Swagat.

Pheras: Momentum Group claims to have introduced the first-ever '5 senses Vedic ceremony and a pillar less Vedi' at the wedding. A life-size floral installation with no pillars was crafted and the idea was that the entire guest should be able to see the ritual without any impediment. Seating arrangements and lounges were made to beat the heat of the sun. Vedic pheras were described by Hiral Kamani troupe, who explained the entire sacrament and their importance much to the delight of the guest. When the couple finally took the steps of the pheras; they gazed out from the mandap at all the smiling happy faces of friends and family who had flown in from all over the globe to show their support and love.

Reception: The beautiful duo made a starry entry from a sparkling crystal ball. A grand and classy reception was the client's briefing. The colour combination used for the evening was snow white and shiny silver.  A massive 100’ wide stage was designed. Professional Floral designers were called from different parts of the country to design the tree of life. Sixteen huge tree like structures with a height of 16’ were specially fabricated in metal with 1500kgs of electroplated crystal beads for the backdrop and ponderous quantity of sheer white fabric were used for floral designer art. Special light designers were involved to enhance the look of these structures. Performances by Human Fountain, Shooting star and flute mermaid added to the beauty and bliss of the evening.

The whimsical and dreamy styled wedding, put together by the creative team of Momentum Group, was a true presentation of young love.

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