Watch: LED Lit Sky Magic Drones Perform a LIVE Ballet Show at Mt. Fuji; Produced by MicroAd

Industry Watch | May 10, 2016 | Video Update

Sky Magic Drones Lighting Design

Here's some serious competition for fireworks - LED lit drones lighting up the evening sky, perfectly in sync with captivating music. 

Japanese company MicroAd brought together MIDI controlled LED flying machines covered in about 16,500 LEDs, traditional Japanese Guitars called Shamisens, flight swarming formations, and the spectacular backdrop of Mount Fuji to produce this single audio visual extravaganza. This was the first Live performance for these Drones called "Sky Magic". 

MicroAd's Creative Director, Tsuyoshi Takashiro says on the Sky Magic website; "Sky Magic will now utilize small unmanned flying machines that make full use of state-of-the-art technology, equipped with LED lights, synchronized with audio effects, to provide an audio visual extravaganza, a potential new method of advertising media and entertainment. As a result, including Sky Magic services in large scale events such as festivals, or any other events at places like theme parks, stadiums or rugby fields will be made possible. The drones will be able to depict logos, customised wordings, shapes, pictures, or movements. It is a start of a new high of the entertainment industry."

20 MIDI controlled flying crafts covered in over 16,500 LED's put on a spectacular show accompanied by traditional Japanese Shamisen music.

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