“Our Experiential Marketing Not Only Encompasses Our Products But Also Our Brand”- Kevin Flynn, FIAT

Marketing | May 6, 2016 | Interview

Fiat FIAT Chrysler Automobiles India

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was one of the first few international automobile giants to set its eyes on India. However despite having the most experience with Indian customers and launching technologically superior products, the brand has not been accepted by Indian audiences and only has a miniscule 0.24% of market share in the Indian automobile industry pie.

The company launched Avventura and ABARTH Punto last year hoping to get back in the game, however even these two products failed to generate any excitement among the Indian audiences. In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Kevin Flynn, President and Managing Director, Fiat Chrysler Automobile talks about its upcoming launches, new marketing strategy and the importance of experiential for the brand.

Despite new launches of technically impressive Avventura and ABARTH Punto, the market share of FCA has still not increased as expected. Do you think it's time for the brand to re-jig its marketing strategy?

We at FCA are stepping into a whole new phase of development in India with the market launch of JEEP. We are also planning for the future range of products from FIAT. Until then, we would like to engage our customers with our existing range of cars. Our primary focus would be to win over customer confidence and ensure they are satisfied with the FIAT’s Brand experience – we believe market share will follow. Our cars are remarkable performers and road-handlers; their design and visual aesthetics are timeless.

The best way that Indian customers will appreciate FIAT cars is by understanding their legacy and DNA, and experience firsthand what they are capable of. To enable this, we are working on an all-new approach, with a new energy in order to reach out to customers and let them experience FIAT products for what they stand for and on what they deliver.

What can we expect from this new marketing strategy?

We are indeed looking at a fresh Marketing strategy and it will be implemented over the next few months and continues the ‘Crafted for Car Lovers’ theme. The strategy includes preparation to launch new and exciting products and also revisiting our target customer base. We are currently working towards developing our dealer network and after-sales service and we will share some good news soon enough. Our approach, going forward, will be more experiential. We would like our customers to understand and absorb Brand FIAT’s DNA before they buy our cars.

How important is experiential marketing for FCA in India considering all other automobile brands are increasingly investing in the same?

Brand and product experience is very important. Customers nowadays are well aware and well-driven too – they know exactly what they want. Our approach towards Experiential Marketing would not only encompass our products but also our Brand. FIAT has an enviable history and a great legacy that our Indian audience must know of before they make their choice of cars. FIAT’s association with India goes back many years and I would like to take our Brand and Products to them, and remind them of our legacy and their association with FIAT over the years, because with every FIAT, a customer owns a piece of memorable history.

Share with us the most recent experiential campaign done by FCA in India? 

We launched ABARTH last year as we wanted our customers in India to experience the next level of performance. We conducted an experiential drive for our dealers and selected customers and FIAT fans at the Buddh International Circuit. Our current products, Punto and Avventura are powered by ABARTH.

In an exclusive conversation, Kevin Flynn, President and Managing Director, Fiat Chrysler Automobile talks about its upcoming launches, new marketing strategy and the importance of experiential.

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