“India is the biggest market and we want to build something incredible there.” - John Boyle, EDC

Business Events | May 4, 2016 | News

Roshan Abbas EEMAGINE 2016 Electric Daisy Carnival Music festival

Day 3 at EEMAGINE 2016 began on a melodious note with the DPS Gurgaon School Choir kicking off the morning sessions with a rendition of the national anthem. Following the impressive performance was more of music, as John Boyle - Chief Growth Officer and Interim CFO of Insomniac, joined Roshan Abbas (National Advisory Council Member of EEMA) on stage to talk about Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) and bringing the international music festival to India.
The Indian youth has embraced the surge of homegrown festivals that have successfully hosted some of the best names in the world of music. Though the experience gets consistent upgrades every year, there is a still a craving to see the international names on Indian soil. Driven by this thought, the session discussed what it takes to create a festival that draws global interests and sustains the pace with every edition. “India is the biggest market and we want to build something incredible there,” said Boyle. Speaking further about entering the Indian festival space, Boyle comments, "We don't want to lay down any terms when we come to India, we just want to be welcomed. For us health and safety is the priority. People can be themselves, relax, and have fun, but in a protected environment."
Commenting on the challenges in setting up a new IP in the music festival segment, Boyle remarked, “It takes at least 3 years to establish a music festival. What we don’t want is a newbie to come around and mess it up, just because they think it is cool. But, if you are passionate about it and care about the experience, be smart, be humble, seek advice, and go ahead.”

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Day 3 at EEMAGINE '16 kicked - off with an Insomanic Chief Growth Officer and Interim CFO talking about bringing International music festivals like the Electric Daisy Carnival to India.

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