Sonal Dabral, DDB Mudra Group Shares His 7 Wonders of Creativity at EEMAGINE 2016

Business Events | May 2, 2016 | News


India today continues to draw eyeballs for its indigenous culture, spirituality and creativity however our country is yet to create that one big idea which stirs up global waves. Does India have the potential to create such a global phenomenon? The above was the theme of an engaging session at the second day of EEMAGINE 2016. 

Sonal Dabral, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, DDB Mudra Group was the key speaker of this session moderated by Sushma Gaikwad, VP West, EEMA.

Addressing all in attendance on the subject, Sonal shared that India did have the potential to create a global sensation and also shared his ‘Seven Wonders of Indian Creativity’ to inspire that idea. His 7 wonders of creativity  inspired uniquely by India suggested; event managers drawing inspiration from: The Daily Drama of human lives;mThe riot of colors and chaos; Mother tongue and other regional languages;mRemix, Reinvent and Reincarnation of ideas and concepts;mComparing myths with modern stories; The Art of Jugaad and Focusing on Positivity. 

Upon being asked how does one know if they have conceptualized a path breaking idea? Sonal replied by saying, “When you get a ground breaking idea you get a sense of it, you feel it in your stomach, you can’t stop thinking about it and It engages you at an emotional level.”

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Addressing all in attendance at EEMAGINE, Sonal shared that India did have the potential to create a global sensation and suggested ideas for event managers to seek inspiration from.

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