A Stunner In All Aspects: Ferriswheel & Partners Put Up A Resplendent IPL Opening Ceremony

Industry Watch | April 13, 2016 | Feature

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‘Glamorous, Entertaining and Spectacular’, these are only a few words that can accurately describe the opening ceremony of the ninth edition of the Indian Premier League. From the dazzling performances of top Bollywood stars to Hip Hop Madness by Kings United and from the enigma of Major Lazer to the surprise moves by Kieron Pollard, truly the opening ceremony of IPL 2016 hosted at the Dome at NSCI in Mumbai packed a thunderous punch for viewers.

The show was a little over 2 hours on the timeline and started with a grooving performance by Jacqueline Fernandez. Next on the stage, with giant acrobatic leaps, came Kings United, an Indian dance group, which finished third in the World Hip Hop Championships last year. 

Ravi Shastri anchored the MCC Spirit of Cricket segment next and invited the eight captains of the participating teams to sign the pledge to 'play hard, play fair and uphold the spirit of the game'. Succeeding him, Rajiv Shukla, Chairman IPL, delivered the opening address.  

Next up, Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif danced to the tunes of her most famous numbers of last year and if you think her performance was the highlight of evening then you are in for a real surprise. 

The highlight of the IPL Opening Ceremony 2016 instead was West Indies cricket Dwayne Bravo's performance which boosted the overall entertainment quotient of the event. Joining the party, cricketer Kieron Pollard stood up from his seat to do the signature move. Bravo was later joined by singer Ankit Tiwari who had put together an Indian version of the smash hit rap ‘Champion.’ Another high of the event was its choreography which was done on interactive graphics for all acts of the evening. 

Indian Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh then entertained the crowd before actor Ranveer Singh, made an entry in cricketing attire and stole the show with his engaging performance.The 'Champions' was the most recurring feature of the night as all-stars - Ranveer, Katrina, Jacqueline, Honey singh danced to it for the finale. Major Lazer, the American electronic music group, brought the opening night to a close with their energetic performance.  

Coming down to the technicalities of it, the opening ceremony of IPL ’16 was a gigantic production to say the least. It is reported that approximately 9000 sqft of LED Wall was erected around the perimeter of stadium. Additionally, 1600 sqft of LED floor was mounted on stage of 40ft x 40ft and 36 projectors of 20000 lumens and lights were rigged on a massive trussing for the gala event. 

                          Shubhra Bharadwaj, Founder and Creative Director, Ferriswheel Entertainment

When asked about the most challenging part of executing the IPL Opening ceremony Shubhra Bharadwaj, Founder and Creative Director, Ferriswheel Entertainment (the agency managing the IPL Opening Ceremony 2016) said, “It’s a miracle that the show was delivered with the quality and finesse that it did, because the timeline to put everything together was a very big challenge. This was a huge production design and if it wasn’t for the best team in the country like us this would have been something which would have bombed in our faces.”

She adds, “Everybody in the team was on the top of their game and this project has actually helped us push ourselves out of our comfort zones to deliver this. It was extremely challenging and It took us three days to create the entire setup. We did not sleep, eat or even drink water during this time. Truly, this was a challenge beyond compare.”

The technical partners of the event include Modern Stage Services who managed the projectors, trussing and lights, SOUND.COM which handled the sound and Technologies Frontier who managed the LED Walls. The hospitality setup look n feel was created by Jess Ideas.

Warren D’souza of SOUND.COM spoke about his experience of working with Ferriswheel Entertainment and said, “The entire experience was a memorable one. Because of our track record Ferriswheel had an implicit faith in us and when that faith is there in a team, half the battle is already won.”

Davinder Wadhwa, Director, Modern Stage Services spoke about his experience at the opening ceremony and said, “IPL was a totally different show and the idea by Ferriswheel was very creative. The entire event was a great example of teamwork. Interestingly, there was no foreigner involved in such a grand production. The event was a true testament of a ‘Make in India’ show as all the technicians and helpers involved in the show were Indians which makes it even grander.”

Speaking on the reactions received for the IPL opening ceremony Shubhra says, “People agree that It was a very large scale show matching international standards on delivery and execution. I was visualizing the same things two months ago when I presented the concept of the opening ceremony and thanks to the efforts of the entire team we delivered the same.”

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Watch this space for a detailed feature on the production and technical aspects of the event.

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The technical partners of the event include Modern Stage Services, SOUND.COM, Technologies Frontier and Jess Ideas

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