Holi Moo: The Festival of Moozic, Madness and Colour comes back with its 10th Edition

Entertainment | March 17, 2016 | News in Brief

Music festival Holi

Holi Moo! is one of the first exclusive music festival dedicated to the joyous occasion of Holi. Now in its 10th edition, the festival that is synonymous with madness, edgy music and an overall sense of joy, promises to get bigger and better this year with more reasons to celebrate. The festival attracts people from across the world to be part of an experience like no other. 

With several pre-gigs around the city at some of the best locations, Holi Moo! fans will witness a melting pot of various musical genres and artistes coming together for the love of music in its purest form.  

The Holi Moo festival is known for its musical acts of multiple genres, exploring hidden talent and giving a platform for different voices to be heard. Keeping up with this tradition of splendid musical acts, the 2016 edition of Holi Moo! will feature 4 stages, showcasing performance from Folk, Indie, World Music, Electronica to Experimental genres of music (line-up to be announced soon). 

DEJA MOO: Festival goers will get to re-live the Holi Moo! history as the festival goes back to its roots to celebrate among friends and family and bring back the sense of belonging that this festival is so well known for. The festival is taking place in the heart of South Delhi, spread over a plush 6 acres of the Holi Moo! Barn on 24th of March 2016.

The Holi Cow festival (Holi Moo! now) started with the idea of creating a happy eco-system of artistes and art lovers who want to celebrate and express their love and passion freely without commercial compulsions. The past editions of Holi Moo! have witnessed over 200 artistes from India and the globe performing to a 25,000 strong colourful audience from almost every corner of the planet. Over time, the festival represents the cultural landscape of the city with a unique lexicon of fashion, style, art and music to make for a joyous celebration. 

The festival is the brainchild of Raul Chandra, who runs a company by the name of State of Mind which does Marketing, Events, Films, Theater, Music and Research. Some of the other festivals created and curated by him are 10 Heads Festival, Hillstock Mountain Festival, Equinox Festival of Electronic Arts, Psychodrama Fest among other mad-cap capers.

*Festivals, Lifestyle, Sports, and Business... Click here for the full list of categories in Event Intellectual Properties at WOW Awards Asia 2016. 

The popular Holi Cow festival rebrands itself as the Holi Moo festival in its 10th edition and promises to be bigger and better than ever.

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