Gaurav Dhall, MD, T.I.C Reveals What To Expect From Season 3 Of T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship

Entertainment | March 14, 2016 | Interview

T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship T.I.C. Gaurav Dhall Tata Motors

Almost a decade ago who would have thought that truck racing could take the shape of a successful ‘sportainment’ property in a country like India where driving trucks as a profession is looked down upon? But enter Tata Motors with the first ever T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship in 2014 and trucking would never be the same again. The property continues to be managed by T.I.C., in this third edition as well.

After two successful editions and a plethora of awards for audience engagement, Tata Motors is back with the third edition of this mammoth property promising more action than ever before. This claim in turn puts more pressure on T.I.C, the agency partner to the racing property who seem geared to meet the expectations that March 20 will bring.

In a conversation with EVENTFAQS, Gaurav Dhall, MD, T.I.C. reveals details on what to expect from the third season of T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship, the experiential elements planned and so much more.

Q-What is the brief received from the Tata Motors team for the 3rd edition of the T1 Truck Racing?

A-This year’s theme was ‘India to the World’. The thought was to show the world that India can give competition to any country when it comes to talent. It was the same idea that we had to incorporate in this year’s edition. In the first edition, no one imagined that we will have Indian truck drivers racing like international drivers but we had a vision, a dream and we knew it would happen soon. We have invested in selecting Indian drivers, carving out their talent and enabling them to compete with international drivers.

Also Tata Motors wanted season 3 to be more grand and elite at the same time different from previous editions. So while designing the entire event we are maintaining things around the theme of this year, ‘India to the World’.

Q- What are the newer experiential elements for this edition of the championship? What is that 'extra' you have added this year?

A-There are various elements which are not only new but also exquisite in this season. First and foremost is the theme of this season –‘India to the World’ involving Indian talent, and is all set to create history yet again. There are Indian drivers who are competing with each other so their race in itself is an exclusive feature. Tata Motors made a promise of getting Indian drivers as professional racers and they fulfilled their commitment. Also this year we have T1 Racer program (TRP), organized for the very first time. So far, 17 Indian truck drivers have been selected via the program, from a pool of over 550 driver entries, from Tata Motors customer base.

All the participants were divided into various batches and there were various levels followed by evaluation processes that determined the potential drivers to further participate in various rounds. Now the final round of the TRP, will determine 12 Indian truck racing finalists who will compete against each other'. Season 3 of the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship 2016, scheduled to be held at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC), Greater Noida, on March 20, 2016. Also this year we have new T1 2016 race trucks, with a total of 43 additional modifications, for a faster, more exciting Season 3.

Q- Last edition, it was estimated that over 50,000 were spectators to the event. What is the expected number this year?

A-Last year we expected around 35-40k spectators but there were more than 55k people. This year we are expecting 80k people so let's see what will be the final count.

Q- What are the security and medical facilities you have arranged for the event?

A-This time we have increased the security personnel four times as compared to the last year. All security measures and medical facilities are in place to manage any kind of mishap. Also there is a medical aid room at BIC which is equipped with all emergency medical arrangements.

Q- What will the festival offer in terms of entertainment?

A-For entertainment there are renowned artists from the Indian entertainment world that will be engaging the viewers. Let the names be in wrap to create curiosity. We will announce it closer to the date. However, we can assure you that it will be bigger than the last editions.

Q- What are some of the biggest challenges as you gear up to execute an event of such grand scale?

A-Well the biggest challenge is to manage the large number of audiences. Earlier, we were catering to MGS / Grand stand only but this year we have opened premier and picnic stands as well which means catering to a huge number of audience as well as ensuring their comfort. These numbers are even bigger than F1 season 2 that recorded about 65,000 spectators.

Since the 1st year, the event has grown many folds. It has raised the expectations of organizers, channel partners and audiences so it is on the agency to deliver an event which can be remembered for a life time. The aim of this racing was to inspire Indian drivers to take up truck driving as an aspirational profession. And proudly, it is happening. This year we have Indian drivers which I am sure will inspire others as well. Their selection, training and execution is again a big challenge.

Q- How do you plan to amplify the live action from ground zero?

A-From having only international drivers in the race to having Indian drivers, live action has already elevated thousand times. There is a sense of pride to see our own country racers competing in the race which was popular only internationally. This feeling itself will engross audience. Furthermore there will be series of energetic performances that will be supporting the races.

Q- What are the kinds of legal formalities required to execute a sporting property as big as T1?

A-If I start listing them, it will be a never ending saga and I am sure your readers will get bored of it. Any competent event agency would know it. To be precise there are more than 20 such legal formalities to execute such an event.

Q- There are speculations in the market about Tata Motors perhaps going with a different agency for the successive editions of the property. Any comments? 

A-We cannot help people speculating about the company, after all T1 is a property that everyone wants to be associated with. This is entirely Tata Motor’s prerogative; however, I sincerely doubt it.


One of the biggest 'Sportainment' property of the country is back with its third edition. Let's have a look at what to expect from Season 3 Of T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship.

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