EEMAGINE 2016 Announced; Note from Sabbas Joseph, President - EEMA

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With an aim to bring industry stakeholders on a common platform, the 9th edition of EEMAGINE will be hosted from May 1 to 3, 2016, at the Grand, New Delhi. The convention is an annual initiative of Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA).

With a slew of new initiatives to look forward to, and a very zealous team behind the effort, here's EEMA President Sabbas Joseph's letter to members of EEMA and other stakeholders of the industry to gear up and get ready for a great convention. 



Dear Friends,

Congratulations on the progress that each of you have achieved in your respective businesses.

The screams of excitement celebrating success, the swirling of the liquid in the glass while we toast each other are now an everyday phenomena. Today, we successfully trapeze across the landscape embracing different business steams, challenging business models and innovating on every front. No longer do we believe we know…we are more willing to learn than ever before….and the ones teaching us and sharing their success mantras are our competitors. They are our new friends; together we meet outside boardrooms of our clients and sometimes strategise how to make the best of the opportunity.

Needless to say, we’ve come a long way.

India too has journeyed alongside. With a government at the centre that launches a new scheme, a big idea almost every other week, and state governments that conjure momentum to keep pace with each other, the opportunity in India beckons. Earlier, one could easily say that India was not keeping pace with our thoughts and the rest of the world. Now, we need to be conscious and alert in order to keep pace with our own India.

All of this presents a fab opportunity for all of us in EEMA and our Events and Experiential Industry to come together. To share, to confer, to collaborate….and celebrate.

It’s time for EEMAGINE 2016, our annual Global Convention on Creativity, Marketing and Experiences.

The dates are May 1,2 and 3. 

The venue is The Grand, New Delhi. 

The attendees: All who matter. Creators, dreamers, action-people, policy influencers, gurus, learners, teachers, collaborators. All with an eye on The Future.

The Theme: India Unimagined.

Easy to pontificate and share one’s thought about an India Unimagined, but each of us have different thoughts, ideas and dreams.

India Unimagined has no rules, no taboos, none of the “don’t do this” and naysayers.

For a moment, place yourself on a trampoline. The past is the base that we stand on. The Present is upon us and provides the momentum. The future is the extent that we allow ourselves to reach out for.

As you leap repeatedly on the trampoline, jump freely with your cares thrown to the wind, smile, bounce, be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes… will jump and fall, but with every fall you will gain a momentum that propels you to greater height.

India Unimagined is all about Our Dreams. Our Vision. The Future that we need to create for ourselves.

It’s time to imagine an India unimagined.

During EEMAGINE 2016, we will address engage on multiple ideas, dreams, challenges and share experiences from India and the world. Creative minds, Business influencers, marketing gurus, policy makers, digital entrepreneurs and experience creators will share with us their dashboard for tomorrow.

Over the last few weeks a team has got together to brainstorm, plan and host the EEMAGINE Convention. My personal thanks to each of them for the passion, dedication and time that they’ve inputted for us to reach this far in the shortest possible time. More importantly, it has been heartening to see new faces and several new members get involved to take the EEMA journey forward !

On behalf of the National Executive Committee and the EEMAGINE 2016 organising team, it is my privilege to invite you to the global convention. Please block your dates and ensure that you can attend the convention along with your senior leadership, team members and clients.

During the convention we will seize ourselves with big dreams, crazy ideas, unseen technology, maverick entrepreneurs and also important challenges like artiste relations, health and safety, production standards, and HR policies. We will share, debate discuss. Agree on most….and Agree to Disagree on some!

The EEMA Secretariat will soon share the registration details. Please register early and in large numbers to avail of the Early Bird rates.

We would like to invite maximum number of clients and marketeers (beyond the events industry) to the convention. Do share your recommendations so that we can block their dates early and host them.

This year, EEMA would launch the inaugural EEMA SPOTLIGHT Awards to honour our partners across the creative and production spectrum. Over the next week we will share more details on this initiative.

Last year, EEMA’s GOT TALENT was launched and received fantastic participation. We will once again provide our members and teams the opportunity to perform on centre stage as we applaud them. We must all participate along with our teams to ensure success. Together, let’s rock the stage.

Once again, let me congratulate each of you and your teams for the success that you’ve created.

Together, let’s come together at EEMAGINE 2016 and celebrate each other.

Thanks & Regards

Sabbas Joseph


Event and Entertainment Management Association


*WOW Awards Asia 2016 will be held on 23-25 June 2016 at New Delhi Aerocity.  Click here for the full list of categoriesCall for Entries is NOW OPEN!

The 9th edition of EEMAGINE will be hosted from May 1 to 3, 2016, at the Grand, New Delhi.

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