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Indian LIVE Entertainment Industry Game Changer, Sensation India is Here To Stay

Entertainment | March 8, 2016 | Feature

(L-R: Sita & Theirry Van Dyck of Envie Events LLZ that organises Sensation in Dubai with Karishma Hundalani, Editor - EVENTFAQS Media)


From never-seen-before production quality, super organised crowd management, exceptional experiential value, heavy duty political support to even a wardrobe malfunction, 'Sensation India', ID&T Amsterdam's global brand Sensation's Indian debut indeed had everything. 

But most of all, the event changed the game as far as the Indian LIVE Entertainment Industry goes. 

Before we justify that, here is all you want to know about the event: 

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Three reasons why Sensation India is a game changer:

1. Production Quality

Details in the reports apart, the sheer quality of production was visible in every element of the show. The console almost looked like a fancy office. No loose wires or masking cloth, shifting carpet or unfinished element of venue construct - elements that unfortunately we have accepted as standard.  

Commenting on the set-up and his satisfaction with the show as it took pace, a Sensation White representative from Amsterdam said, “This is the first open-air venue that has hosted a Sensation White, so there are few elements that needed improvisation, like for instance, the speakers and some other elements are usually suspended from the ceiling of the venue. In this case we’ve had to create platforms to hold them. But all in all, I’m quite satisfied with how the show has come together. I was nervous until yesterday, when I felt nothing would be ready on time, but it all worked out!”

One of Indian service providers involved in the project was heard saying: "If we can deliver this when working with an international crew, why cant we do this for an Indian client?"

The Stage Coming Alive at Sensation India


Posted by EventFaqs on Monday, March 7, 2016



2. Experiential Quotient

Sensation India was a concert that a fan could be experiencing in any part of the world. The sets were impressive, the production quality was high standard, the venue management organised, and of course the all-white theme was beautifully implemented. You only realise the power of a theme, when implemented in such numbers. The sense of unity and belonging prevails.

The brand new set for the Sensation tour this year, put together for the first time for this India edition featured a carousel, flanked by larger than life, music-crazed maniquins. Of course the subtle difference being that these figures must take to cladding in regions like India (and when the set travels to Sensation Dubai). What made these towering ladies more memorable was the minor wardrobe malfunction they had when the show kicked-off with the customary set by Mr. White, Sensation’s in-house DJ

Sensation India is case study on how a brand can be built on experience that dwarfs the artists. 

The AVL Programming at Sensation India


Posted by EventFaqs on Tuesday, March 8, 2016


3. Organiser's Committment

This is by far the most important reason why Sensation India is a game changer. By the crude math we presented in our previous report (which missed revenues from alcohol sales), its very clear that Voila Events is seriously commited to the business. 

While it is estimated that the loss in the debut edition is to the tune of INR 20 Milion (2 Cr.) it is understood that Voila Events has signed a 5 year agreement with ID&T (not confirmed by Voila). 


Further the support that Voila has from Telangana Government and the Plotical & Business community of Hyderabad was visible in the Crystal lounge which was buzzing with actors, industrialists and politicians. 


Now for the only negative: The Music Programming! 

4 DJs in the short span of four hours didn't give any of them a chance to truly build the tempo. The audience seemed to be fine with it, but as many seasoned punters we spoke to agreed, with a more mature audience, this would just not work. 

With all the experiences lined up, perhaps just Afrojack or Axwell following Mr. White would be enough. It seemed like the organisers wanted to play it safe by using 4 big names to pull the crowd in addition to Mr. White. 

On the bright side, the organisers can cut down on artist cost in the next edition given the experience has now proven its worth!



*Festivals, Lifestyle, Sports, and Business... Click here for the full list of categories in Event Intellectual Properties at WOW Awards Asia 2016. 

Review of the debut edition of Sensation India held at Gachibowli Stadium on March 5. Brought to India by Voila Events.

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