Action Impact Builds ‘Virtual Gekko’ – A Sales Tool for Real-Time Product Experiences

Industry Watch | March 1, 2016 | News

Action Impact UAE

Middle Eastern brand experience agency Action Impact has used gaming-style technology to build an interactive and versatile tool that turns a buyer’s imagination into on-screen reality. The product, Virtual Gekko, is a program based on gaming software that enables clients to experience certain products like villas and cars in real-time, with the power to control a range of options. Action Impact is already in talks with developers in the Middle East who would be looking to optimise their sales and marketing efforts with Virtual Gekko. The next step would be to take the product to other markets.

Talking about how the tool is great for experiential marketing, Adrian Bell, Executive Director, Action Impact said, “What Virtual Gekko does is bring reality a little closer to the client and end-user. All too often, we find that clients struggle to grasp with key aspects of the event environment that are hard to visualise unless you are really there.  Comments such as ‘I had no idea it was going to be this size!’ and ‘Looking back, I would have changed that wall finish’ are typical. But, with this technology, we bring that to life with a virtual experience that allows real-time walk-throughs, instantaneous environment changes and real perspectives and points of view.  So, you get closer to the real-thing and further way from mistaken identity!”

Simon Tapping, Executive Creative Director, Action Impact  added, “Our clients in property and car sales spend a lot of time explaining to their customers how a villa might look when it’s built or how optional extras could transform their car. In the end, they have to rely on their customer’s imagination to close the sale. Our technology makes it real – and provides that vital extra sales push. It’s going to speed up the sales process and ensure that customers are enthused and always get what they want, and expect.”

When it comes to villas, clients become virtual visitors, able to enter and exit rooms, check out sightlines, see how different kitchen designs might look, or how furniture could be arranged, and check out views from windows with a 360° aspect.

Avinash Lobo, the product’s lead developer remarked, “It’s designed for sales centres and showrooms. Customers can check out how different configurations might look in a property. It brings your imagination to life”.

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The interactive tool has been developed to market products like villas and cars, providing potential clients a virtual experience of the product, with a range of options.

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