Shefali Saxena rocks ASICON 2015, powered by Macleods

Business Events | February 19, 2016 | Video Update

Shefali Saxena

Shefali Saxena rocked the mega-inaugural event for the doctors national conference, ASICON, in Dec 2015, powered by Macleods. Over 5000 surgeons were treated to the musical evening, in presence of the Chief Minister of Haryana. The event was held in Gurgaon, after the day-long Surgeons conference. Popular as the Most Versatile Sensual Live Performer, Shefali opened the grand show with her Innovative LED Interactive Dance Act with out of the box choreography, followed by her Bollywood Retro Non Stop Electrifying Deadly Performance. Enthralling her global audience by bringing flavors of different states,culture, and language with thunderbolts of energy and tinge of class, the entertainer made Surgeons from all across India sing along and dance for hours. The event was successfully managed by Axis Communications.

Performing at the mega conference for 5k surgeons in Gurgaon, Shefali opened her show with the Innovative LED Dance Act followed by her Bollywood Retro Non-stop. Event managed by Axis Communication

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