Percept ICE Manage & Execute The International City Parade At IFR 2016

Business Events | February 16, 2016 | News

Percept ICE

International City Parade, an integral part of the International Fleet Review (IFR) 2016 held at Visakhapatnam, was managed and executed by Percept ICE - the Special Projects, Events and Conventions Domain Company of Percept Limited. IFR 2016 was held from Feb 4 to 8, 2016 and International City Parade was conducted on Sunday, Feb 7. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the Chief Guest for the event.

A Naval Fleet Review is a long-standing tradition of navies across the world, displaying the naval might and combat readiness. The event allows the host nation an occasion to display its maritime capabilities and build mutual trust amongst maritime nations. The might of the Indian Navy came together at the IFR 2016 even as the foreign fleet included contingents from Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, France, Indonesia, Iran, Maldives, UK and USA. The last IFR in India was conducted in January 2001, off Mumbai with participation from 29 countries. This earned the country widespread appreciation and goodwill.

The International City Parade, one of the highlights of the IFR 2016, included marching contingents and bands from the Armed Forces, Indian Coast Guards, the City Parade, participating foreign navy contingents and bands along with students of NCC, SCC and School Children.

The main objective for Percept ICE was to capture the cultural vibrancy of India and also to showcase the unity and bonhomie between 21 nations on-ground. The Percept ICE team seamlessly handled the massive task of conceptualizing, designing, directing and executing the entire International City Parade event. The scope of work encompassed ideating the entertainment sequences, managing 500 artists representing 21 countries, handling the vibrant and colorful costumes and props depicting the various cultural aspects of this diverse country, designing the float, planning the flow, choreographing, directing and executing the entire event. 

The Cultural parade titled 'Colors of India' saw nearly 200 artists represent the North, East, West, and South regions of the country. A spectacular Hornpipe Dance show was performed by the Sea Cadet Corps. This was followed by the illumination of the ships, culminating the evening with a stunning pyrotechnics and Light & Sound show. The event concluded with the official theme song of the IFR, 'United through Oceans'.

The International Fleet Review 2016 was held from Feb 4 to 8, at Visakhapatnam, with the parade being conducted on Feb 7. 500 artists representing 21 countries participated in the cultural parade.

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