Valentine's Special: The Eventful Couples Of The Experiential Industry!

Industry Watch | February 15, 2016 | Feature

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We'll start off with my co-author and Guest Editor this week, Sushma and her doting husband Pramod's story. Sushma and Pramod are the Directors of ICE Global. Sushma and Pramod met on a project in 1999 and over a short period of time the mutual respect bloomed into excellent work chemistry and deep friendship. 

Sushma and Pramod Gaikwad


We realised that we had the same principles and ideologies..working together was hardly an effort. Before we knew it, we realised that we were drawn to each other and were deeply in love.

We were married within a year of starting ICE Global. 


Over the years we have grown together, as individuals as well as entreprenuers. We now run 4 companies together and share a wonderful life with our 9 year old son.

What its like working with Pramod:

Working with Pramod is fulfilling. We are so different and yet have complimenting personalities. We complete each other like two parts of a whole. 

What its like working with Sushma:

Working with Sushma is exciting and invigorating as our strengths compliment each other. It sure is wonderful working with my better half.

To Conclude:

Ours is a true partnership, meeting of minds, working through expectations, capitalising on each others strengths and accepting each other the way we are.


Up Next, we have our gloriously good looking couple, Directors of CS Direkt, Anjali and Sanjeev Pasricha. Here's what they've learnt and want to share about working together:

Anjali and Sanjeev Pasricha


Mixing business with personal relationship is not an easy one. But we have survived it over 18 years and it's been a unique journey! We have pushed each other like no other... It's been good and difficult. But today we have emerged stronger! 


We share a collaborative relationship and don't spend every minute together, we respect and divide our work. And trust that each one is putting in his/ her best. Just like partners. In fact that's a golden rule we follow for our sanity!


And now from the couple-makers themselves… Manika and Samit Garg, Directors, E-Factor:

Manika and Samit Garg


Working together was an organic evolution given the choice of industry and its need for a fine eye and commitment needed for social events. Each of us brings a bagful of strengths and quirks which when put together makes for an interesting mix, especially when it's underlined with a common language of aesthetics and a deep understanding of handling emotions, expectations in private events. Wedding events turn out best when the clients get a feeling of comfort that their requirements and needs are being understood by a couple who would view the alliance as a family affair and not just business .


We got married in 1997 and destiny made us shift from Lucknow to Delhi in 1998. When searching for an occupational involvement I came across an opportunity to get into the events business. I guess I was always very passionate about this and just jumped. 

Within a matter of 18 months, I realised that if Manika becomes a part of this, we could add better colours to our performance and aesthetic deliverables. Thus I requested her to join in and by Gods grace, there has been no looking back. 

She has added fuel to the always burning fire and is extremely instrumental in getting E-Factor to where it is today in the domain of Private Social Events.



Sonali and Jai Thakore


We go back many years when we started working together. The secret of our working together is to work less as individuals and more as a team. Together we compliment and complete each other and moreover when love and skill work together, most of the times a masterpiece is created. 

Jai is a creative genius with an absolutely clear vision and it's great to collaborate as it brings out the best in me as well. Dreaming together and then translating those into reality is what we both enjoy.


Sonali had just completed her Post-grad in PR and had started working. I had just ventured into the field of producing public events & met her for professional reasons. For me life has been about following instincts, something about her told me, she is the one!

Ended up offering her an assignment and soon life followed. Ever since it has been creating & constructing life together, I build and she brings the soul. 

She is the anchor of my life. Work & life, both for me revolve around her which I am sure many times does becomes demanding & taxing on her.


Meet the Varmas! Meenu and Rajesh Varma, Directors, CRI Events:

Meenu and Rajesh Varma


When we work together Rajesh handles the client as he is good at that so it's awesome!


We typically handle different clients and get involved together in really big projects and it's great fun as she is a perfectionist.


For the Love of LIVE Events! Mareesha Parikh and Hemant Kale, Directors, Swaaha Wedding Management Co.

Mareesha Parikh and Hemant Kale


When you are partners at work and home there is more ease, as there is a level of understanding! Where less is said and more is done!

I feel we compliment each other, balancing the creativity with business. 


We both have only known and loved one thing the most in life (besides each other) -  Live Events. 

Starting Swaaha Wedding Management Co. was purely passion driven. Passion to create spectacular moments and bring more professionalism to the Wedding Industry. 

Most times it's a lot of fun as we get to be together all the time. I find it enriching to indulge in healthy discussions that help us service our clients better. Sometimes, I do wish we can switch off after office hours and be like other couples...!   


A partnership that led to new business opportunities...

 Ruchika and Utkarsh Bansal:

Ruchika (Director Plush Weddings & Events):

By working at Plush by P3P, I can work fewer hours than my previous job required, which means I can do almost all the family shopping, spend enough time with parents and make some time for myself, things I love to do!

Utkarsh (Director P3P Ventures Pvt. Ltd.): 

When people find out that my wife Ruchika works with me, they often wonder how we do it? To be honest, before Ruchika came to work at P3P, I wondered if we could do it!

Over the last three years of running my business with my wife, I’ve been wondering how things would be different if I didn’t. Hence came along Plush Weddings & Events; the only vertical missing was 'wedding planning' which now is a reality!

Someone had rightly said in the arithmetic of love or business, one plus one equals everything and two minus one equals nothing! Apart from the seriousness of supporting each other with work everyday, she also supports me in everything else I do!


A dancer and a musician tell their harmonious tale, the talented Gaysil and Nash Naubert:

Gaysil and Nash Naubert


We were neighbors in a small village in Khar called Chuim. Nash was eating pani puri under my house and I was at my balcony. We kept bumping into each other for a while, till finally after couple of months he asked me out and from then it's been a beautiful journey 

At the time Nash was learning Indian classical music under the tutelage of the great Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. I was beginning my choreography career, At some point we decided to collaborate together. Our concept of east meets west has been very exciting. We are doing some wonderful fusion work together! 

I Love dancing to my husband's tunes!!


She enhanced my music with her beauty and grace!!


Rising together, Komal and Harshal Kothari, Directors, Rising Events:

Komal and Harshal Kothari


Harshal and I share a working relationship with each other since 11 years. We have been working with Rising Events for over 6 years and 3 years with another agency. The best thing is that we have different work profiles which helps, especially since we minimise difference of opinions on the same aspects! I have 'Show Direction & On-Ground Expertise' whereas Harshal has 'Marketing Expertise'. 


Working has been less stressful for us as we both work at different hours in the duration of the project... We share the same Band, Bajaa Baraat Story!!

There are many others in the industry, who we haven't managed to include in this round-up. We've approached many of them, but we assume they were very busy this Valentine's Day to get back in time of filing this feature...!

Sushma Gaikwad (Guest Editor, EVENTFAQS) and Karishma Hundalani round-up the 'couples' of the event industry, and take a peek into what it's like working together! Lots of lessons to learn…

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