Wiz Andre: "Madrid Tops The List Of Host City For IIFA 2016"

Entertainment | February 11, 2016 | News

Andre Timmins Wizcraft IIFA

In an exclusive interview with Wiz Andre Timmins, EVENTFAQS gets the lowdown on what's made Madrid a top contender to hosting the IIFA 2016; IIFA's potential debut into Spain; and a sneak peak into what to look forward to at IIFA 2016! Here are the top highlights:

1. The list of contenders / bidders to host IIFA 2016 include Mauritius, Macao, Abu Dhabi and of course Madrid. Madrid is currently topping the list becasue of the unlfinching support of Deputy Mayor - Luis Cueto (City Hall Administration) and President of Community of Madrid - Cristina Cifuentes (Regional Government).

2. Other aspects strengthening the bid by Madrid is the celebration of 60 years of the destinations diplomatic relationships with India, and its aspirations to attract film-makers from Bollywood into the destination.

3. For IIFA, if Madrid is the host city, this would be the property's debut in Europe, which would mean access to the Indian diaspora in and around Spain. 2 million Asians and more importantly Indians, who are fans of Bollywood, will gain access to the IIFA brand and event.

4. On the Business front, IIFA will bring in access of not only the Film and Media industry, but also industries like infratructure / roadways where Spain is looing to enhance its investments in India.

5. The IIFA Weekend will be be hosted in the third week of June 2016, and if held in Madrid, will be co-located to the city's most prominent art and culture festival: The Mula Fest. Thus deriving many synergies in the showcase of entertianment, talent and culture between the regions.

6. Bollywood dance, yoga and other cultural aspects are already being practiced in Spain and Europe, but on a more subtle and underground level. IIFA would be the platform that allows these movements prominence and showcase. Taking this a step further, Wizcraft will also look to creating unique entertianment acts where Bollywood will meet Flamenco dancing at the IIFA Awards if held in Madrid!

7. And finally, another reason fueling the decision of hosting IIFA in Madrid is Air India potnetially launching a direct flight route into Madrid in the near future. With enhanced access to the destination, the full potential of playing host to the IIFA Weekend can be realised by the city.

L-R: Deputy Mayor, Mr Luis Cueto -City Hall Administration, Cristina Cifuentes - President of Community of Madrid (regional government) and Queen Letizia, Queen of Spain

Andre Timmins, Director, Wizcraft and IIFA spills the beans on what's made Madrid the top contender to hosting IIFA 2016, and what it means for IIFA's debut in Spain!

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