Flawless SAG Opening Ceremony Delivers Encompass From Rain-Drenched IPL Opening

Industry Watch | February 8, 2016 | Feature

Encompass Opening Ceremony

When Encompass bagged the IPL opening ceremony last year, it came by surprise, since sport ceremonies isn’t the usual format of event taken up by the agency. But with the cumilative creative capabilities of the team, there was no doubt that they would manage. The question really was how they’d set a mark and standout from the usual suspects that manage opening ceremonies for sport events in the country. Unfortunately the only opportunity the agency got that day was salvaging a situation that heavy rains presented before them.

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So, when EVENTFAQS was invited by Encompass to experience the South Asian Games Opening Ceremony, which took place at the Indira Ganchi Athletic Stadium in Guwahati on Feb 5, 2016, there was no question on acceptance!

Back-stage / console access to an event of such scale would be an experience that many within the industry have not gained yet. The anxiety before the show was palpable, but the revision of preparations by various teams showcased nothing but complete readiness.

The SAG Opening Ceremony was bagged by Encompass in a bid against agencies including Wizcraft, Cineyug, Ferrishweel and Showtime. While the first round of shortlist based on creative concepts left only Showtime and Encompass in contention, Encompass bagged the mandate through its L1 quote.

Budgets of course were low, but as if using that as the ultimate challenge to overcome instead of being restricted by, Encompass delivered a show that perfectly blended technology, creativity, culture, music and entertianment.

A 180-minute spectacle run by the all-girls Encompass core team, together with cue management team Blue Fish saw dignitaries including PM Modi’s speech, the proud entry of teams and a kaliedoscope of music and cultural acts all unfolding seamlessly.

Limited budgets leading to another big positive for team Encompass: Host Roshan Abbas. Impeccable story telling and commentary, taking audiences through the show, Abbas had fans that filled the stadium, hooked and awe-struck!

And of course a flawless show of this scale and stature is only as good as its partners. With no compromise on this front, SOUND.COM provided audio solutions, Dynamix Media provided Audio Visual Solutions and Modern Stage Services provided Lighting and other technology solutions. Natura were the rigging partners.

They say you're only as good as your last show. And this one is a proud memory for Team Encompass.

The Team

Team Encompass at SAG Opening Ceremony


The Happy Partners: (L-R) Warren D'Souza (SOUND.COM), Davinder Wadhwa (Modern Stage Services) & Suresh Madan (DynaMixMedia)

Davinder Wadhwa, Warren D'Souza & Suresh Madan at CWG

With Warren D'Souza just before the show.. 

Karishma Hundalani & Warren D'Souza



The South Asian Games Opening Ceremony conceptualised and managed by Geometry Global Encompass Network on February 5, 2016 at the Indira Gandhi Stadium, Guwahati, left a house-full stadium spell-bound

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