"Beauty And The Beast Musical Was the Most Challenging Project For Us” - 'A Lister' Production Crew

Industry Watch | February 8, 2016 | Feature

The A List

Production Crew is an Entertainment Logistics Company with a collective track record of over 20 years in the event management industry. With its strong network and presence across India, Production Crew works as a Production Management Team for entertainment, media, and communication agencies to execute events and activations right from inception to culmination.

When asked about the most challenging project taken up by their company in the last two years and how their expertise helped them achieve the objectives of the project, Vikas Menon, Director, Production Crew said, “Last year’s Disney Beauty and the Beast Musical, which was produced for the very first time in India, was one of the most challenging projects for us, so far. Production Crew was on-board as Technical Producers of the show.

We explored all possible venue options and came down to making the entire stage inside an air conditioned hanger which was 200 x 196 feet in size and bigger than almost any studio in India. Through extensive planning and dedicated hard work, we recreated the entire Broadway experience, with its enormous stage and sets, and produced it all inside the hanger, before we took the show to the DOME at NSCI, Mumbai and Tyagaraj Indoor Stadium, Delhi; which definitely contributed to the success of the show.

Another such example of a challenging project will be Sunburn Goa, 2014 & 2015. Production Crew has been associated with Sunburn for about four years now, and we have become an integral part of the family. At Sunburn Goa 2014 & 2015, we took on the mammoth task of executing the entire 7-stage festival; single handedly!  It is a milestone that no on-ground execution partner has managed to reach in the past.”

Production Crew offers a collective of custom solutions like Venue Construction, Venue Management, Stage Management, Backstage Management, Hanger Structures, Air Conditioning Solutions, Stage & Set Fabrication, Trussing & Scaffoldings, Sound – Light – SFX Solutions, LED & Video Solutions, Stage and Technical Design, Security Logistics, Power Management.

Emran Khan, Festival Director, Percept Live, a satisfied client of Production Crew says, “Production Crew has been associated with Sunburn for about four years now. The entire crew is very well trained and easily understands execution requirements-despite the setup reaching new levels of complexity. We have always been wary of handing over the entire festival to a single partner. But, Production Crew really proved themselves at this one and we are very impressed, but definitely not surprised, at the capability of the team. Looking forward to a continued association, and new greater, heights to be scaled.”

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