SIAM Fighting Fake Campaign At Auto Expo 2016

Business Events | February 3, 2016 | News

The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) welcomes Auto Expo 2016 with the launch of their SIAM Fighting Fake campaign aimed at spreading awareness about counterfeit products infiltrating the auto industry. SIAM’s Anti Counterfeiting Group (ACG) has teamed up with all major auto players in India, for the same. A series of on-ground activities like graffiti walls, college competitions, and skits will be used to engage the visitors at the Auto Expo. 

The latest edition of the Fighting Fake Campaign is consumer focused and strives to empower consumers to make responsible purchasing decisions by encouraging them to buy original auto parts – something which will benefit both the industry and themselves. Through this initiative SIAM aims to reach out to the consumers through online and offline mediums like creating a campaign Mascot, launching an educational AV film as well as an entertainment filled package at the Auto Expo 2016.

The following comprises of the SIAM Fighting Fake Campaign’s on-ground activities at the Auto Expo Motor Show venue in Delhi-NCR. 

Graffiti Wall

A Graffiti making competition will be held at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida on Feb 4, 2016. A mural, placed in front of the Diesel Yard between Gate 8 and 9, will be created live by a team of eight street artists.The graffiti art will be based on one of the core themes of the initiative - Real vs. Fake. Though this will be a collaborative work, there will be a competitive aspect to it as well. The the artist who impresses the panel most, will be awarded prizes. The mural will be filled out by the artists in front of a live audience, and will remain at the venue until the end of the Expo on the Feb 9, 2016.

College Competition

Auto Expo 2016 marks the beginning of SIAM’s campus initiative. In an effort to forge strong consumer values and encourage responsible car ownership in college students, this competition plans to make use of a wide variety of talents, ranging from the arts to science and fashion, to create something that relates to the theme of Real vs. Fake. The winners will be awarded a series of prizes. This competition will take place Feb 5, 2016.

Asliman Launch 

For the launch of SIAM’s new initiative, it was important to personify the values of customer empowerment and forge a sense of responsibility with a new mascot – someone who embodies all the core values of the initiative, while also representing the spirit of the common man. The mascot launch will take place at 3 pm on the Feb 4, in front of the Diesel yard between Gate 8 and 9 at the India Expo Mart. 


An entertaining, humorous and informative dance/drama performance will take place on-stage on Feb 6 and 7, at various times throughout the day. Audience interactions by the Emcee and merchandise giveaways will accompany the dance drama performance centered on the theme of real vs counterfeit auto parts, with a hilarious twist.

Auto Expo 2016 - The Motor Show is being held from Feb 5 to 9, 2016 at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR. The Auto Expo 2016 - Components, an exclusive display of automotive components, technology, and services, will be held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from Feb 4 - 7, 2016.

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers’s Anti Counterfeiting Group has teamed up with all major auto players in India to spread awareness about counterfeit products, among Expo visitors.

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