Fountainhead Takes Moto Spotlight On An 11-City Musical Road-trip

Marketing | February 2, 2016 | News

Fountainhead Entertainment

Keeping up with the brand promise of being entertaining, innovative, and bold enough to curate a movement, Fountainhead Entertainment conceptualized and executed an Epic road trip for Motorola. The Moto Spotlight, a 63-day road trip across 11 Indian cities, brought the nation’s love for edgy, non-filmy sounds with great performances and lifetime experiences. The twin Moto Spotlight charabancs went across the country covering 18000 miles in over 2 months, in a quest to shine in the spotlight with some of the nation’s newest sounds and freshest talents. 

To add to this entertaining journey, Motorola also ran a contest across their social assets, inviting budding artists to share their performance videos on and get a once in a lifetime opportunity to perform on the Moto Spotlight stage with leading headliners. Over 33 budding bands performed at the iconic NH7 Weekender Music Festival on the exclusive Moto Spotlight Stage and on the charabanc across the cities. In conjunction to these new bands – the charabanc also saw some of the most iconic names in Indie Rock space taking stage and mesmerizing audiences from Chandigarh to Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Shillong and more.

Alongside the musical sojourn, the charabancs were also a vassal for Motorola to shine the spotlight on their brand new range of Smartphones and wearables. With unprecedented access to Moto’s new range, the charabanc was able to bring these online-only devices to the hands of more than a lakh of customers – many of whom ended up buying the devices immediately at the retail-store-like space of the Spotlight charabanc.  

Given the many intricate nuances of the campaign – The hundreds of online music entries, the brilliant lineup of highlight bands, the journey from malls to marketplaces to the NH7 weekender, the constant engagements with thousands of people, the buyers who had this unique opportunity to experience the products hands-on, and the fans who loved every second of the webisodes too - everyone was immersed in the spotlight by Motorola India.

Deeksha Sharma, Vice President – Fountainhead Entertainment, said, “Bringing the brand closer to a TG that is young, edgy and super talented whilst trying to craft out a niche in the saturated mobile space was no easy task. But with the Moto Spotlight campaign, we achieved exactly that. Today, millions of people have seen, heard or experienced and thoroughly enjoyed the Moto Spotlight charabancs, whether it’s the devices inside, the association with rising musicians or iconic legends like Parikrama, Bandish, Shaa’ir & Func! It was an exciting time for us to manage this tour for Motorola and bring alive the incredible experiences, for people across India.”

Representing Motorola, Rachna Lather, Marketing Head– Motorola India, commented, “Being a mobile brand that exclusively retails online, our customers are not able to experience the awesome features our products pack in before they buy the devices. To address this, we embarked on a journey across our key markets that not only let the Moto fans experience our products but also gave them to a platform to showcase their talent. The Moto Spotlight campaign was a quest to bring together great music, the best of talent and our product experience to consumers across the nation. To ensure this one of a kind initiative makes the right impact, it was important for us to partner with an agency that could deliver and manage the sheer size and scope of the activity. Partnering with Fountain Head, definitely brought to life the experience and magic we had imagined for our consumers.”

With an ever expanding reach of the webisodes capturing this journey, the spotlight continues to shine on the campaign even though the charabancs themselves have returned to their garages.

The 63-day road trip saw twin Moto Spotlight charabancs covering 18K miles across India in search the nation’s newest sounds and freshest talents.

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  • Fountainhead Takes Moto Spotlight On An 11-City Musical Road-trip
  • Fountainhead Takes Moto Spotlight On An 11-City Musical Road-trip
  • Fountainhead Takes Moto Spotlight On An 11-City Musical Road-trip
  • Fountainhead Takes Moto Spotlight On An 11-City Musical Road-trip
  • Fountainhead Takes Moto Spotlight On An 11-City Musical Road-trip
  • Fountainhead Takes Moto Spotlight On An 11-City Musical Road-trip

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