PepsiCo Annual Conference Plays Airborne Counter Strike At The Mountain Dew Gamezone Console

Industry Watch | January 29, 2016 | News

Natura Encompass

PepsiCo’s annual Conference held at the Grand Hyatt, Gurgaon on Dec 21 - 23, 2015 offered a unique airborne gaming experience at its activation arena. The army-themed conference had a Mountain Dew Gamezone Console, where gamers engaged in aerial warfare with vertically movable Counter Strike gaming consoles, suspended four-feet in the air. Encompass, the event agency behind the scenes roped in the aerial experts, Natura, to execute the custom rigging. 

Natura turned Encompass’s innovative idea into a reality with the help of a bridle system. The consoles could be raised and lowered using motorized winches; the layout – a single seating console on either side and a double seater in the center. For the technical requirements – Encompass provided the plywood platform and the 20x10ft truss needed, along with the console seats. Natura arranged for the six 1-ton capacity motors which would be fixed two to a seat.

The D-Day being Dec 22. Natura had the setup done on-site on the 20th, with a rehearsal on the 21st, after the day’s sessions were over. In the past, the rigging company has executed a similar concept for the Mini Cooper launch. However, this time they were lifting people up and down the platform, and with people comes a few challenges. Safety was the #1 concern, with the gamers being suspended at a height while playing a war-based game. There was always a chance for someone to topple out of their seat with excitement. To counter this, Chest Loops were used to anchor the players to their consoles. 

The control panel for the motors were another challenge, with all six motors being operated from a single panel. The team had to remember which switch dealt with which seat and accordingly pull down the right player when their turn was done. At the end of the day, the event was completed without a glitch.

Encompass, who managed the event, called in Natura to execute custom rigging for vertically movable gaming consoles at the conference’s activation arena.

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