'Live and Let Live' is the Motto, Farid Khan, Director, Wedniksha, lives by!

Weddings | January 25, 2016 | Interview

Farid Khan Wedniksha

Having worked on large-scale events across the globe in addition to producing some of the biggest weddings India has ever witnessed, this young man is going places. 

One of the most charismatic, highly-regarded yet admirably humble enterpreneurs in the wedding industry, whose extremely good looks and subtle charm have besotted many- Farid Khan, Director, Wedniksha tells us all about himself, his personal choices and more!

Read this interview and find out where he just might shift base and what impresses him!

Love or Success ?


Success or money?


What makes your world go round?

My Work and my Leisure trips 

Your de-stress routine

My little boy LV

Wine or Whiskey?


What puts you off?

Inefficient people 

The motto you live by?

Live and let live 

Love is? 


If you could you would shift base to?

Paris, Mykonos, Maldives, Italy

Your dearest possession?

My Parents

A brand you swear by?

Louis Vuitton

A quality you like in people?


On your bedside, one would find?

CARMEX (Lip Balm)

You never leave home without?

My Dark Glasses 

The best compliment you've got?

That I am very hardworking and efficient 

On a regular day of work you wear? 



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