Hot Trend: Wedding Hangover Kits & Party Essentials For Wedding Guests!

Weddings | January 18, 2016 | News in Brief

Hangover Kits are hot favourites at pre-wedding events like Youngster Nights and Cocktail Parties. Puneet Gupta's latest custaomized hangover kits have been seen at various events recently. These kits a fun after party gift/giveaway!

Gupta explains, "The idea of designning this kit was to add an element of fun in wedding extravaganza especially making the party hangover a fun part."

The  Kit have products based on the client's choice/selection but mostly these have the  bag filled with a Granola Bar, Medicines, Lip Balm, Band Aids, Hand Sanitizer, Mints, Mouthwash etc. The kits can also be personalised according to the wedding with the wedding logo or the bride and groom names.

These have been seen at a variety of pre-wedding events such as Cocktail Nights, Youngster Parties etc. The kits have products based on the client's choice/selection.

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