Natura’s ‘Wonders of Silk’ Aerial Act at Reliance Jio Event in Vadodara

Industry Watch | January 14, 2016 | News

Reliance Jio Natura Aerial Act

The Reliance Jio Employee launch held on Dec 27, 2015 at Reliance Corporate Park in Navi Mumbai was accompanied by simultaneous events across the country, celebrating the Reliance Founder’s Day Weekend. Natura’s ‘Wonders of Silk’ aerial act opened the show for the grand celebrations in Vadodara, managed by Jay Excellency. 

With Dec 28 marking the birth anniversary of Dhirubhai Ambani, Reliance had a dual-celebration with the employee launch for their new 4G network ‘Jio’. The main event at Navi Mumbai was streamed to the company’s employees across India and abroad through the world’s largest digital townhall. 80K Reliance employees and their families in 1000+ locations within India and one in Dallas, USA, got the opportunity to digitally interact with Mukesh Ambani, through two-way conferencing.

Among the digitally connected locations in India, the celebrations in Vadodara was managed by Jay Excellency, an event agency headed by Jay Purohit. While the main event was graced by performances from Shah Rukh Khan and AR Rahman, Vadodara roped in Nature for an aerial opening act of international quality. The live streaming from Navi Mumbai and other performances followed the ‘Wonders of Silk’ act by Natura.

The rigging consultants were appointed to execute this act only three days before the event. The time constraint guaranteed immediate challenges for the Natura team. Getting the team and the performers - Nazimova, Schuberth Irene, Mietz April, and Kapellar Markus - to the venue was the first challenge. With limited direct flights to the small city, the extra travel through connecting flights easily cut into the rehearsal and set up time. Usually, the team rehearses before heading to the venue and then have another round or two there. However, despite the lack of rehearsal time, the performers handled the situation professionally and managed with 3-4 hours of trials on the eve of the event, as well as another 2 hours on the event day. 

The setup, a motorized pendulum system in the middle and two manual paging lines for the sides was not technically challenging, but did encounter a slight hiccup. The desired international-make truss was not available, as they were already used for seven large-scale weddings being held in the city, on the same day. The team settled for an Indian-make from a trusted manufacturer. 

Initially, the Reliance team wasn’t confident about Natura or any other Indian company putting together an aerial act. The general conception is that aerial acts are best put together by international agency, as Indian companies may not have the necessary expertise in safety standards. The concern was raised during negotiations, but Natura’s track record and past performances at Ambani family functions sealed the deal.

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The dual-celebration event marking Dhirubhai Ambani’s birth anniversary and Reliance Jio launch was managed by Jay Excellency at Vadodara’s IPCL Reliance Ground, on Dec 27, 2015.

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