#Round-Up2015: 4 Uniquely Themed Mehendis

Weddings | January 11, 2016 | Photo Feature

Mehendi Theme to Steal

This wedding season witnessed some Mehendi celebrations where the décor, concept and colour pallete were kept offbeat and interestingly each had a refreshing, fun vibe. Take a look!

The Tambourine inspired Mehendi by Devika Narain

The Mehendi based on a Tambourine inspired concept saw the entire theme around 'daphlis' which were interestingly merged with Moroccan elements.  The colour palette included colours like Coral, Pista and Aqua! Accentuating the the Moroccan feel, lanterns and brass candle votives served as apt centerpieces. The patterned fabric the walls and ceilings made the entire look stand out beautifully. Custom designed jaalis with stained glass details made for the vibrant backdrop.

A Moroccan Mehendi by Pomegranate

This vibrant Moroccan themed Mehendi featured bright multi-coloured khemas, turquoise drapes, arches and luxurious wall carpets! A floral bridal stage with scented flowers was created by the agency. Interestingly, a Jaali concept courtyard was recreated at the centre of the party for the guests to lounge. Exquisite blown glass chandeliers adorned the ceiling with multicoloured Moroccan hangings while the entry passage of arches set the mood for what the guests could look forward to!

The Vintage Mehendi by Elusive Dreams

From customized and personalized quote boards to distributing ghungru bracelets, everything was done as per the bride's brief! Elephant, camel and horse props at the entrance to welcome the guests was one unique element that looked absolutely gorgeous. There were 4 different photo-ops that were made featuring elements like frames, a decorated cycle along with boards, a lovely vintage ladder with the love alphabets and florals and a swing!

The Coral, Peach & Turquoise Mehendi by Devika Narain

This  colorful vibrant “boyish” Mehendi was because the groom’s family from Ludhiana loved partying and their vibrant personas were taken as inspiration for their celebration. Devika Narain paired a coral and peach palette with a masculine mustard and aqua to create this pretty setting with kites and origami details!

Here’s a glimpse of some truly uniquely themed Mehendis that took place last year seeing décor and concepts that were offbeat, refreshing and with a fun vibe.

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