Platinum World Events Ropes in Earth Harp Collective For Leading UAE Bank's Launch Event In Mumbai

Entertainment | January 8, 2016 | News

Platinum World Group Taj Palace Hotel Earth Harp Collective

Platinum World Events planned and executed a global conference and exclusive India launch event for a UAE based bank at the Taj Palace, Mumbai on Nov 3, 2015. The leading bank's entry into the Indian market demanded a very innovative event to impress high profile corporate guests. Platinum rose up to the challenge and managed to present a unique concept that resulted in a one-of-kind experience.

The event began with the Bank Launch at the BKC office, by the Chairman of the Bank, who is from the Emirate's Royal Family, along with their Global CEO and several board members. This was followed by a focussed panel discussion attended by corporate head honchos at the Global Financial Markets Conference, post which the the official  launch of the Bank was done with pomp and style. The sitdown dinner that followed was accompanied by a spellbinding performance from the globally renowned team of William Close and the Earth Harp Collective. Inspired by architecture, William is an innovative musician who designs and performs with several signature instruments, including the Earth Harp - the largest stringed instrument on the planet. 

The presence of the Earth Harp at the event was the highlight of the evening. The diners were treated to a unique and never-seen-before experience of sitting inside a room which was a musical instrument itself. The body of the Earth Harp rests on the stage, while the strings travel out over the audience attaching to the back of the room, turning the room into the instrument. The Earth Harp Collective also comprised of the Richard Sherwood on the Drum Cloud and Shania, who performed while suspended on a ring rigged from the truss.This ensured an immersive experience for the guests at the event.  

Speaking about the challenges faced while putting together a unique event such as this, Birju C Gariba, CEO & Exec Director, Platinum World Group said, “Right from the brief stage, we had to give them something that the audiences would not have seen, while keeping in mind the values of the brand as well as the complexity of event where a Panel Discussion was immediately followed by an entertainment. We had to make sure that the look and feel of the stage commensurate with the objective of the event, while maintaining its exclusivity. The presence of the instruments was not to interfere with the presentations on the LED screen. These were large instruments and we had only 30 minutes to set them up. However, we were hugely successful in executing a smooth event that impressed not only the clients but also the invitees for being able to witness the unseen.” 



The unique and exclusive world class event was clubbed with the bank's Global Financial Markets Conference at the Taj Palace, Mumbai on Nov 3, 2015.

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