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#Fantastico Moments by Wizcraft at Tata Zica Media Drive in Goa

Marketing | January 8, 2016 | News

Wizcraft Tata Motors

Tata Motors recently organised an exclusive media preview of their all-new ZICA at Alila Diwa Resort in Goa. As part of the unveiling, over 100 media personnel and 70 bloggers from across the country were taken to Goa for a period of two days, in smaller batches from December 1 to 6, 2015.

The auto brand roped in Wizcraft to present the #madeofgreat partnership between Global brand ambassador Lionel Messi and Tata Motors. The agency translated this very association on-ground, as an unique experience for the guests, by creating #Fantastico Stadium and using the metaphor of ‘a big game’ to carefully thread all the experiences within this stadium. 

According to Sandeep Mehta, Vice President, Wizcraft International Entertainment, after the launch of the #madeofgreat campaign, it was time to take the association between global brand ambassador Lionel Messi and Tata Motors on-ground for the launch of the long-awaited ZICA, the compact hatch-back from the house of Tata Motors. From the conceptual stage itself, the on-ground event was planned in a manner that could be extended and further leveraged on other platforms (mainline / digital). This required the team at both ends to work in close coordination from the start.

On putting together the entire media experiential, he commented, “The experience in the stadium started in the Locker Rooms itself - personalized kits containing the Tata Motors Messi jersey, branded sippers and product kits were placed in individual lockers dedicated to each guest. The show began with the Tata Motors leadership team revealing the strategy and game plan on ZICA in the locker room. This was followed by a dramatic unveiling sequence where the locker room was split to reveal the ZICA, spotlight in the centre of the #Fantastico Stadium.”

During this activity, the key features of the ZICA under the DRIVENEXT, DESIGNEXT and CONNECTNEXT umbrella were represented on 10 sporty pods placed around the stadium. Guests were invited to interact and engage at the pods to get an in-depth understanding of the technology and design strategy that shaped the ZICA before they were actually given a hands on experience of the car. Wizcraft worked along the product team at Tata Motors to design the experience and content for each pod. 

So any operational challenges? Says, he, “The challenge was to create the stadium within the hotel ballroom without losing the grandness and largeness of it. The team at Wizcraft worked tirelessly over a month to ensure that each element was designed, created and printed to perfection. Meticulous planning ensured that high standards of delivery could be adhered to even in the short span of time that the team had for set up."

Over 100 media personnel and 70 bloggers from across the country were taken to Goa for a period of two days, in smaller batches from December 1 to 6, 2015.

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