Moving Heads Uses Time Coded Lighting at ICICI Prudential's Luxurious Convention

Industry Watch | January 6, 2016 | Video Update

Moving Heads ICICI Bank Taj Falaknuma Palace

ICICI Prudential AMC - Mutual Funds hosted the grand convention on November 8, 2015 at Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad to acknowledge top achievers and distribution partners.

Moving Heads provided planning and execution solutions for the event. Says Syed Farhan Ali, CEO, Moving Heads, “We were trusted to manage every aspect of the gathering – starting with planning, conceptualizing, full event branding and overall communication management, through complete logistics & hotel handling with dedicated onsite support, at the event delivery finishing – we did it all.”

According to Farhan, ICICI Prudential was looking at the most luxurious experience for top achievers of the company and their distribution partners. Shares he, “The event was all about royal feel and exclusiveness in a very premium environment. In order to match the lavish concept of Zenith, as the ultimate symbol of exceptional achievement and grandeur, for the first time ever, we used time coded lighting on the Falaknuma Palace. In addition to this, the stage was backed by 200 feet screen allowing for full-fledged 180 degrees projection being the event’s background. The elevated stage had central stairs leading down to the dinner style tables’ arrangement on the lawn adjacent to the Palace.”

The gala night itself was the cherry on top of 2-day itinerary including the dinner at world’s longest table, Palace historic tour and Hyderabad landmarks' sightseeing. The evening commenced with mesmerizing light show on Falaknuma Place façade and soulful flute piece. Along with anchoring the show, Sophie Choudhry added to the night with her singing talent, as well as energetic yet classy Ragga Trippin band performed their best pieces. Evening’s finale was the show of Jeffrey Iqbal, the first American chosen to sing for Bollywood, accompanied LIVE by his band.

Narrating the implementation challenges, Farhan said, “As the gala dinner was planned as an outdoor function, we had to take the weather into account – we were challenged by the rainfall, yet staying cold headed and having plan B prepared allowed us to execute the event at a quality level nonetheless.”

Moving Heads provided end-to-end solutions for the luxurious convention on November 8, 2015 at Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad.

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