Natura Rigs Giant Banner On A Helium Balloon For ISL Finale in Goa

Industry Watch | December 31, 2015 | News

Natura Outdoor Education and Training Solutions DNA Networks ISL

The second edition of Indian Super League (ISL) came to an end, this month, with a grand finale in Goa. The event held on Dec 20, 2015 was managed by DNA Networks and featured a giant banner displaying the trophy, suspended from a free floating football. Natura was roped in to rig the 8x6 ft banner to the helium balloon that measured 20 ft in diameter. 

Though the task seemed easier than what Natura is used to, the team had never worked without infrastructure, before. They had the three days preceding the event to execute this project. The balloon resembling a football was filled with helium and displayed the logos of the sponsors and the tournament. Three to four balloons were used to get the design right. The major challenge here was to keep it filled - especially in Goa’s hot weather. Helium was on stand by for a refill on the event day.

Apart from the balloons and the banner, the Natura team used ropes and pipes to get this display right. The venue posed a challenge with its high wind pressure threatening to turn the free-floating structure. A pipe was put through the top of the banner to hold it steady, once opened and three ropes were used to attach this to the bottom of the balloon - two to the corners and running all the way down the sides, and one down the center. To avoid any spinning and ensure that the structure stayed steady once the banner is opened, the team also had someone holding it at the bottom.

The finale plan was to unveil the banner and balloon at the beginning of the event, pull it back down and detach the banner from the balloon so that everything else could happen, and then reattach and float it up again at the grand finale. The execution was achieved without a glitch - no threats from wind pressure or air loss from the balloon.

The event managed by DNA Networks featured a 8x6 ft banner suspended from a free-floating balloon, 20 ft in diameter.

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