FitFactor India Model Hunt Concludes 9 City Tour in Mumbai; Qualifiers To Compete in BodyPower Expo

Business Events | December 16, 2015 | News

The third edition of BodyPower’s FitFactor India fitness model hunt saw over 1200 participants, with auditions in nine cities - Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai. Starting on Oct 3, 2015, the BodyPower team led by fitness guru Nick Orton had set out on a nationwide premiere fitness model talent hunt and educational tour. The auditions concluded with the most number of participants in Mumbai on Oct 11, 2015. The qualified young athletes stand a chance to compete in the final expo to be held in Jan 2016.

Commenting on the multi-city tour and the upcoming expo, BodyPower CEO Nick Orton said, “The third edition of ‘FitFactor’ model hunt saw youngsters with world class physique compared to the second edition of ‘FitFactor’. The BodyPower team was pleased to mentor fresh talent across nine cities in India. The auditions helped us discover women with qualities to compete on international platform. With the conclusion of the audition round, I am hopeful to see the shortlisted talent groomed to compete at the big finale at The BodyPower Expo in January 2016.”

The shortlisted participants were selected after several rounds judging his/her physical and mental endurance followed by bodybuilding and physique pose down routines. Judges included internationally renowned bodybuilders like Ricardo Correia, John Lucas, Jaco De Bruyn, Tom Coleman, and Nathan Harman. Pavan Shetty, Sangram Chougule, Mustafa Ahmed, Miheir Singh, Mukesh Singh, Gahlot, and Wasim Khan represented the national athletes.

A total of 1202 bodybuilding geeks took part in this year’s competition to win a chance to compete at Asia’s largest Fitness, Sports & Bodybuilding Expo- BodyPower Expo 2016. Speaking about the evolution of the event, Nick says, “We have had 3 editions of FitFactor now and they have progressed extremely well in terms of participation. We started off with about 60 attendees in the first year, in the second year we had up to 550, and this year over a thousand. So, really good growth and interest, particularly from males. But there was an increase in female participants as well. Another interesting thing that’s happened is that the level of competitors physique has drastically increased. We are starting to see quite a few world class physiques coming through. A couple of years ago this wasn’t the case, they were very average and now there is some really good balanced physiques.”

“In terms of brand associations, it’s the same brand - Neo life - that has been  supporting FitFactor from the beginning. I wouldn’t say new brands have been supportive because we are still establishing ourselves in India.”, he adds

Nick also shared his views on the challenges faced while executing an event of this scale. “The challenges that we faced in managing and executing the events were logistical because we set ourselves a massive target of nine cities. In order to do that, we had to split the team into two - my team and Ollie Upton’s. And at some venues where both teams came together along with a full complement of athletes, the challenge was to get everything done within the allotted time. Each group effectively covered 6 cities each. The other challenges were things like hotel rooms, travelling, transport etc. There were numerous instances of planes being delayed, especially with my wing of the tour. We’d get in there at 2’o clock in the morning after a delayed flight and then had to be up in our office at 7 AM. So, it was a really tough schedule but a very successful one. And the event was a fantastic success, every one of the venues were really busy.”  

BodyPower India, held annually every January, is expected to attract over 30000 visitors in 2016. The upcoming expo is scheduled for Jan 8 - 10, 2016 at BEC Mumbai. It is an opportunities for brands to gain exposure to thousands of health and fitness conscious individuals. With a large number of visitors from the industry, the expo also provides a platform to deal directly with retailers, gym managers, group buyers, health centres, Practitioners, PT and distributors.

Nick Orton launched 'Bodypower UK' in 2009. The Indian edition made its debut in 2014. The fitness guru’s team has trained some of bollywood’s best bodied superstars like Hrithik Roshan, Ranveer Singh, John Abraham, and Arjun Kapoor. 

The third Indian edition of UK’s premiere health and fitness brand - BodyPower led by Nick Orton, saw over 1200 participants in nine cities.

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