"Work Hard & Play Hard!"- Aditya Motwane, Director, Motwane Entertainment & Weddings

Weddings | December 10, 2015 | Interview

Motwane Entertainment and Weddings

Credited with vitalizing some of the most prominent events in India and internationally, with admirable originality and inimitable flair- perhaps a result of the 15 years of unparalleled experience in the high-end wedding and entertainment business, today he is seen amongst the top 5 players in the Indian wedding industry.

In a candid chat with him, we get the extremely enterprising and yet very humble Aditya Motwane to open up about his life, his destress rituals, his favourite holiday spots and more! 

Read on...

The Last Book you read?

I'm not a very avid reader. Prefer the newspapers and magazines 


Your De-stress ritual

Swimming and massages 


On A Day-off you?

Swim, hang with friends over lunch, television and be with family 


Your favourite cuisine?

For sure Chinese - followed by Indian 


Family is?

Where the heart is. Family is Everything 


Your favourite holiday destination?



Spa or Workout?

Spa after workout - both absolutely necessary 


A Brand you splurge on?

Clothes: Ralph Lauren and Armani. Shoes: Tods and Ferragamo, Cologne: always Cool Water 


The Best Gift you've ever received?

Actually without sounding cliche, it's people's love and laughter that is always the best gift for me. I'm not a materialistic person and have never asked for or accepted gifts!


Mountains or Beaches?

I'm a Water baby so for sure the beach and sand.


The best compliment you've ever received?

"Adi u are the life of every party. Don't ever change!" 


Your favourite restaurant?

China Garden in India and Saraceno in Venice (for the best lamb chops and steak in the world)


Home is?

Living with 20 people and that's amazing 


On a regular work day, you wear?

What I feel like, casual, sometimes shorts, sometimes jeans. Just anything that's comfortable but edgy.


God for you is?



You never leave home without?

My After shave 


Wine or Whiskey?

Earlier I preferred Malt but now Red wine 


Your motto in life?

Work hard - Play hard 


What puts you off?

Body odour and slimy cheaters 


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