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Weddings | December 7, 2015 | Interview

Ravish Kapoor Ravish Kapoor Innovative Invitations

A name synonymous with luxury, style and opulence, and one of the most sought after wedding invitation designers in the country, the ultra-suave and sophisticated- Ravish Kapoor responds to a variety of questions about his personal life with admirable frankness! Read on...

You can't live without? 

Delhi or Mumbai?
Now thats not a question you ask Delhiites ;)

You never leave home without? 
Cigars, Drinks and my IPhone

Your De-stress ritual?
An Hour’s Running

On A Day-off you? 
Do Nothing At All. I let my brains sleep.

Wine or Whiskey? 
Whiskey it is :) 

Your favourite cuisine?
Japanese, because it is very healthy

Your favourite holiday destination?
I dont have any specific one, because i enjoy anywhere.

Spa or Workout?
I usually go to the Spa after my Workout.

A Brand you splurge on? 
Angelo Galas Shirts, Tom Ford Shoes, Giorgio Armani Jackets

The Best Gift you've ever received? 
My Two Kids 

Cars or Watches?
Both are equally important

The best compliment you've ever received? 
When my son said - “One day I’ll make better cards than you."

Your favourite restaurant?
Dim Cha & Taipan

On a regular work day, you wear?
A Pair of Jeans, Shirt, Belt and Leather shoes

What puts you off?
When work doesn’t happen before time, as i believe in rendering before my commitment.

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