Natura Flying FX for Terence Lewis Act At IFFI 2015 Opening Ceremony

Industry Watch | December 4, 2015 | Feature

Natura Outdoor Education and Training Solutions Terence Lewis

Terence Lewis Contemporary Dance Company’s (TLCDC) aerial acts at the recently concluded International Film Festival of India (IFFI) 2015 in Goa was well supported by Natura’s flawless execution of the Flying FX. TLCDC’s performance at the opening ceremony of the film festival included two of their signature acts – Terence Lewis’s “Flying Silk” and Manik Paul’s “Ring of Faith”.

As Natura had worked on similar setups on numerous occasion before, no major challenges were anticipated. Besides, both acts could be done with the same rigging - making it easier for the Natura team. As the show was held on Nov 20, the rigging work began just two days in advance on Nov 18. 

With some new challenges that crept up last minute, to be overcome, Natura had to go beyond the standard setup and ensure a safe and smooth execution of the aerial acts. As it was a high profile event, safety was of utmost importance and more inventory was brought in to ensure a flawless setup. The team secured the central part of the truss to the roof which made them confident that the structure would be safe enough and could be perfected before the main event. 

After the rehearsals, Natura worked on securing the structure, a second time. Two more lines were connected to the central bar on the roof and the corners were secured to concrete pillars. For backup, the team also cross-braced all pillars of the truss to stop any internal movement, ensuring a smooth performance and event.

The rigging company ensured a flawless LIVD aerial entry for Terence as well as a ‘Ring of Faith’ for aerialist Manik Paul.

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