#Fabulousfive Tips to Glam up Your Wedding Décor; by Gautam Vedi - Aura

Weddings | December 3, 2015 | Feature

Gautam Vedi

Ace wedding planner, Gautam Vedi of Aura, recommends the top five décor inspirations for the season.

Free-spirited Styling: For day weddings or parties, rather than styling and using set ups and arrangements around one colour or flower, one can select blooms to give the natural touch that will look like as if they are plucked from a wild garden. "They should fall within the same colour palette," cautions he.  Additions of non-floral items will bring a hint of grand high-tea party or a garden theme, for instance. Add a lot of vintage lace throughout the décor.



Royalty with a Difference: When we talk about a royal look, our thoughts always go towards burgundies and deep greens.  But, the new royal look, this season, is about rich torque blue complimented and contrasted by golds and beiges.



Colour Code: The cool colour spectrum with shades like scuba blue, lucite green and aquamarine or a warmer scheme like strawberry ice, tangerine and custard are the new hues of the season! Your wedding colours should reflect your personalities, so having complimentary colours to add a striking contrast is more in style!



The Evergreen Classic Elegance: Classic elegance is back and how! White and gold brings the eternal look. The ornate weddings feature formal table capes and soft lighting. Grand floral arrangements complimented with classic furniture adds to the overall look.



Bohemian Chic: Informal and unconventional weddings are in rage. The idea is to create a very personal and intimate atmosphere, as if we have brought together our friends and family at home. In this theme, one can focus on long wooden tables instead of round ones and wooden chairs or benches, as well as white twinkly lights as a key element in decorating and creating a cosy atmosphere.


Art-inspired Look: Cocktails are no more about clubs and LEDs. With art-inspired installations and art pieces, one can bold statements to take this up to the next level.

A quick rundown on the hauté wedding themes by Gautam Vedi of the luxury décor company, Aura.

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