DECOR DELIGHT: R2S Events Recreates 'The Ancient City of Kashi' with Divine Detailing!

Weddings | November 25, 2015 | News

R2S Events

Following a contemporary themed cocktail at the same venue, a stunning ‘Ancient City of Kashi’ themed wedding was designed and produced by R2S Events, earlier this month at Zirakhpur, Punjab. The event saw over 1500 guests. 

Take a look at the stunning videography and photography by Lifeworks Studio!

R2S Events was responsible for the production of decor at the events which required enormous amounts of civil and landscaping work as the venue was an under construction resort as opposed to a plain canvas such as an open farmhouse, hotel banquet or even a barren land.

Hence, space planning was of vital importance. Architects, Engineering specialists had to be roped in by the agency in order to make the venue, workable! The entire set was brought to life in less than a month. 

The expanse of the venue spread over 1  lac sq. feet and a 250 people team worked round the clock to bring this design to life. 2 waterproof hangars were constructed to house  4 specialist restaurants which covered approximately 50000 sq. feet of space between the 2 hangars. 

These restaurants featured popular cuisines, where a guest could walk in, book a table, take a seat and be served scrumptious delights just like a real restaurant!

Since the bride was from Uttar Pradesh, the agency decided to highlight the best of UP in the décor; something that would inspire romance, something that would symbolize auspiciousness, something that was seeped in history. Kashi-- the oldest living city in the world was taken as inspiration by Harjai and showcased with divine detailing by R2S Events. Alongside, Awadh inspired Mughal architecture was used featuring archways, jharokhas, sheeshas etc. The décor was akin to the set of a movie.

The driveway was lined with diya walls and paintings of the Ghats of Vashi. The grand welcome passage led guests to the groom's arrival area where he would travel via boat to the main stage! 

A 250 feet canal, specially  dug up by R2S Events, ended right in the middle of the 152 feet stage which represented the Kashi skyline full of temples. The bride stepped down the spiral stairs of her Zanana Mahal to meet the groom.

The tallest structure on the ground was over 50 feet high.

Walls with scriptures, oil paintings, gigantic temple bells, rich fabrics like brocades and velvets, pearl strings, brass flower pots, etc were used to accentuate the look.

Lounges were scattered all over the venue to provide comfortable seating. Some exclusive lounges were created following the client’s brief to accommodate 400 + VIP guests at the event.

Material and Manpower were sourced from all over the country – skilled craftsmen from Kolkata, custom fiber glass pillars from Mumbai, customized fabric from Ahmedabad, specialist light designers and so on. Civil engineers were deployed to ensure that the platforms constructed under the temple structures could withstand the weight of all the iron, wood, pillars, flowers, fixtures, etc. 

Speaking of the wedding, Nimit Mehta, Director, R2S Events mentioned, “The Production, Venue Construction and Fabrication of the Zirakpur Project was a heavily pitched battle with several top rung agencies of Delhi involved and after winning the mandate, I knew that with less than a month at hand, it would be a herculean task which would stretch us to the limit and test our mettle.”

Handling various facets of production, organizing logistics and manpower, R2S made sure that everything came together beautifully and with finesse.

The décor was designed and conceptualized by the agency. The ambience was akin to the set of a movie!

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  • DECOR DELIGHT: R2S Events Recreates
  • DECOR DELIGHT: R2S Events Recreates
  • DECOR DELIGHT: R2S Events Recreates
  • DECOR DELIGHT: R2S Events Recreates
  • DECOR DELIGHT: R2S Events Recreates
  • DECOR DELIGHT: R2S Events Recreates

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