Bacardi EVC 2015 brings on board town planning consultants PCA Group

Industry Watch | November 6, 2015 | News

Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival 2015

Town planning consultants from the firm PCA Group have been brought on board to assist in the planning of Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival, set to take place from Dec 17 to 20 at Aamby Valley City, Pune. Architects and civil engineers are being consulted on the setting up of a temporary campsite in order to present the foremost camping experience in the region. 

PCA was selected given that the cumulative experience of its core team spans over 60 years. Its involvement will be at a strategic planning and plotting level (master planning, specific designs, etc.), while the entire execution of the plan will be in-house by the EVC production/operations team. PCA will also assist the execution team to ensure that the build and finish of all features conform to the plans mutually sealed. Additionally, the firm is helping with environmental design.

Commenting on this development and what it accomplishes for EVC 2015, Ninad Shah, Festival Director, Enchanted Valley Carnival said, “It’s a very conscious decision that we as festival organisers decided to take very early this year. Becoming India’s largest campsite in two years has been a great achievement. With growing numbers, it was important to streamline and better the experience for all the fans who believe that we can deliver. PCA has helped us achieve this. They have applied town-planning theories at this micro level, which has never been done before. The placement of everything - layout of tents, structured movement through service lanes & roads, sanitation & sewage methods, way-finding, and so much more - have been given much attention. We want every attendee to have a seamless experience while they live in the festival for 3 days or more.” 

Komal Malwade, Director, PCA group added, "This year the BEVC team involved us architects to take this event to the next level. As architects, we have worked on the master planning of spaces (living and transitional) and the appropriate positioning of services and recreational zones, which all to add to the comfort of the festival goer as well as the provider. Maximising spaces to provide for more and minimising distances to ease access will ensure a little bit of TLC to all the people coming to BEVC.”

PCA’s architects and civil engineers will assist with strategic planning including master planning, specific designs, environmental design, maximising space and minimising distances.

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