Audi Club India Getaway

Marketing | October 30, 2015 | News


Audi Club India Getaways is a most sought after event amongst the Audi Club India members. Aimed at taking the concept of ‘exclusive experiences’ up a notch, it was launched in May 2014 with a maiden getaway from Delhi to Jim Corbett. Since then, Audi India has completed six successful getaway drives, engaging about 100 members and their plus ones.

The Goa drive from Mumbai and Bangalore was held from Oct 15 - 18, with 2 convoys of 10 - 11 cars each, covering a total distance of about 600 Kms from each city. This is the first time Audi India has flagged off convoys from two different locations heading to the same destination. The participating club members were accompanied by their spouses, business partners and friends. The customers also participated in a Audi Q drive and CEO Cricket challenge. While the Audi Q drive showcased the style and ride quality of Audi SUVs, the cricket challenge saw CEOs from top MNCs compete in a friendly game. The participating Audi customers were also treated to a dinner at Fort Reis Magos.

Audi Club India is a customer dialogue program managed by Audi India. Anyone who owns an Audi is free to join this program with no registration fee. The brand started the Club in August 2013 with a view to further the relation between customers and is a first-of-its-kind initiative by any luxury car manufacturer in India. The program focuses on providing  exclusive one of kind experiences to its members. Benefits availed by the members include VIP access to launch events, national/international events like the Audi ice experience and “members only” events like the Audi Club Nights, Audi Club India Getaways, etc. Audi customers can register to Audi Club India by visiting



The Getaway was organized from Oct 15 - 18, with 2 convoys of 10-11 cars each, driving from Mumbai/Bangalore to Goa.

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  • Audi Club India Getaway
  • Audi Club India Getaway
  • Audi Club India Getaway
  • Audi Club India Getaway
  • Audi Club India Getaway
  • Audi Club India Getaway
  • Audi Club India Getaway
  • Audi Club India Getaway

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